Balboa Circuit Board, Analog Duplex, Generic, 51230


Balboa Circuit Board, Analog Duplex, Generic, 51230

Replacement Balboa Circuit Board, Analog Duplex. This is a Generic Circuit board, OEM part number 51230. This circuit boad has Chip Number DUPLEXR1A.

SpaGuts P/N: 10-175-1230

Features: Pump1, Blower, Light and Ozone circuits. No circulation pump circuit.

This circuit board also replaces the 53065 Balboa board that goes on the 53064-02 Balboa system, and can also be used to replace the 51424 Balboa board.

The 51230 Balboa Circuit Board works with Balboa Topside Panels part number 51219 or 51221, the 30274-1 Balboa Transformer, and the Balboa Sensor Assembly part number 30337.

This item comes with a one year limited warranty.

When selecting your spa circuit board, it’s critical that you go by part numbers and not appearances. The part number on a spa circuit board can be found on a white sticker located directly on the circuit board. Buy based on this part number. Do NOT purchase a hot tub circuit board just because it looks the same as the one you’re replacing. Spa circuit boards can look identical, but be programmed differently to work with different spa controllers and topside panels.



See wiring diagram in Tech Specs.


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