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Technical Support

1. Why will my GFCI breaker not set when first powered up?

2. How do I remove/install SpaGuts heater element?


4. How do I clock the pump on my motor?

5. Why does the motor run in high speed in circulation and heating mode?

6. Support: What does the error code FLO, FLC or three flashing dots on the topside display mean? (Electronic)

7. Support: Why does the light on my ozonator stay on all the time?

8. How do I know if my ozonator is working?

9. Support: Why does the spa motor over heat or suddenly turn itself off?

10. Support: GFCI Immediately trips. This is not an initial install.

11. Support: On an initial installation of a motor why does the motor run momentarily then stop?

12. Support: Command Center not working (Intial Installation).

13. Support: Thermostat setting on Controller when using a Command Center.

14. Support: FLO or 3 blinking dots error code. (Electronic Only)

15. Support: Heat rise for Spa Controls with an electric heater.

16. Support 2: Command Center not working properly after awhile of use.

17. Support: Prr displays on Spaguts Electronic Topside panel.

18. Support: HL displaying on Spaguts Electronic Topside Panel.

19. Support: Inconsistent heat from Topside Command Center.

20. Support: ColorGlo Sparkler not working properly.

21. Support: Do I need to rewire inside the controller even when I configured online or over the phone?

22. Support: Electronic Temp Sensor Installation (Electronic Controller)

23. Support: How to turn the power off at the controller instead of from the breaker.

24. Support: Air button and air tubing connection on Spaguts Pneumatic Controllers.

25. Support: Blower stopped working or burnt.

26. Support: I ordered the wrong plumbing configuration on the spa pack.

27. Support: Burnt smell inside the control box.

28. Support: Heater element not working anymore, burnt out or shorted out.

29. Support: No wing nuts or retaining brackets were found with the electronic topside keypad.

30. Support: The Electronic Topside Keypad is smaller than the original topside hole cut-out.

31. Support: Possible clicking noise from pump motor or controller.

32. Support: Air siwtch is sticking or not working on Pneumatic Controller.

33. Support: What is the Purple cord for or how to connect the purple blower cord to an exisitng blower?

34. Support: Why does the 25A or 30A buss fuse keep on blowing?

35. Support: Can I use my existing temperature sensor with the SpaGuts Electronic Controller?

36. Support: Why is the Heater indicator light constanting clicking on/off?

37. Support: Command Center temperature displaying is showing "OP" or "OPB".

38. Support: How to determine if the pressure switch on SpaGuts controller is working properly.

39. Support: Blower is tripping the GFCI (SpaGuts Brand).

40. It looks like a crack on the Waterway Executive Pump Wet End.

41. Support: Small Glass 750mA 250V (F4) fuse keeps on blowing.

42. Support: Balboa topside displaying (SnA or Sa)

43. Support: Balboa topside displaying (Snb or Sb)

44. Support: Balboa topside displaying Dry or Dr

45. Support: Balboa topside displays OH or OHS

46. Support: Balboa topside displaying LF

47. Support: Balboa topside displaying HFL or HL

48. Support: Balboa topside displaying Pr

49. Support: Balboa topside displaying Ice or Ic

50. Support: Balboa topside displaying ---F

51. Support: Balboa topside displaying St or Std

52. Support: Balboa topside displaying Ec or Ecn

53. Support: Balboa topside displaying SL or SLP

54. Support: Mode Settings for the VS500Z and VS501Z

55. Support: Balboa VS500Z and VS501Z Filter cycle settings

56. Support: Balboa Controller VS510S Mode Settings

57. Support: VS "SZ" Series controller Filter cycles settings

58. Support: The power terminal block on the circuit board is burnt (CS6200 Series).

59. Support: Is it OK that my new spa motor is running hot, but does not overheat?

60. Support: The Glued Plumbing Configuration will not align up to the Pump and Heater on a Spa Pack.

61. Support: How to install a new replacement temperature sensor on the Electronic Controller.

62. Can I get a new gasket for my old/used topside panel?

63. What information do I need to get the correct wiring diagram for the SpaGuts brand Controller?

64. Support: Balboa Optional Freeze Sensor installation.

65. Support: GFCI tripping only after the system has been running for sometime.

66. Support: Installation of Air Buttons on the Acrylic Plate

67. New o-ring will not stay on the pump union tailpiece.

68. Support: Rotating the pump discharge on a Vico Pump that has a locking plate.

69. Support: Heat rise for whirlpool jetted bathtub heaters.

70. Support: Air switch is not activating the bath pump.

71. Support: Heater Assembly not working or heating anymore.

72. Support: GFCI breaker is now tripping off the VS-Series Spa Controller (not initial installation).

73. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2293) Spa-Flo 2HP 220V SD Waterway Pump.

74. Customer Service: Can I request a no signature requirement if the order has already shipped?

75. Support: Pump stopped working on VS-Series Spa Pack

76. Support: New pump making vibrating or buzzing noises on low and/or high speed, but runs fine.

77. Support: Water leaking from heater.

78. Support: Temperature display is flashing on the Electronic Topside Keypad.

79. Support: Bath Heater not working

80. Spa is over heating.

81. Support: GFCI breaker is now tripping off a Spa Circuit Board.

82. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2130) 48-Frame 1.5HP 110V CD Waterway Pump

83. Support: New spa heater is installed, and it will not heat (no heat)

84. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2180) 48-Frame 2HP 220V SD Waterway Pump

85. Support: Replacement thermostat does not work

86. Support: Temperature reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius on a Balboa 54115 Circuit Board, 54114 Balboa System

87. How do I exchange a SpaGuts pump for a different pump?

88. Support: Location of Topside cable connection for the VS-Series Controllers

89. Support: Flow Switch Installation for the CS-Series and M-Series Controllers with Lo-Flow Heaters.

90. Support: Smoke coming from inside a Balboa or SpaGuts VS Series Spa Controller.

Before Purchase Questions

91. Will a heater that is rated for 110V (120V) work on 220V (240V)?

92. Support: Functions of an air venturi valve or a water diverter valve.

93. Is Ozone safe for soft tubs?

94. Will 208V supply be OK for a Spa Pack rated at 240V?

95. Can Anti-Freeze be used with spa and pool pumps?

96. What is the minimum and maximum temperature setting for Spa Controllers?

97. Can I use Salt with a SpaGuts or Balboa brand Spa Controllers?

98. PayPal Payment Information

99. Salt Water Application

100. Will your blower work on 50Hz?

101. Spa temperature limitation.

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