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Balboa Controller Kit w/Remote Heater, VS100, 110V GFCI Cord, 1.0KW Heater, 54821-04


Balboa Controller Kit w/Remote Heater, VS100, 110V GFCI Cord, 1.0KW Heater, 54821-04

Balboa VS100 Controller Kit with Remote Heater, 110V 15A 15ft GFCI Cord, 1.0/4.0KW Heater. OEM part number 54821-04.

Topside Panel and Cords are sold separately.

NOTE that the heater can also operate on 4.0KW when 220V power is supplied, and the 110V Jumper and Corded GFCI are removed. See wiring diagram for the conversion (Pump and Ozone circuits remain at 110V)

SpaGuts P/N: 10-175-4821

This control system is compatible with the following Balboa Topside Panels: 55563 (VL200 Mini Oval), 52487 (VL200 Mini Oval), 55431 (VL200 Mini Oval, 10ft Cable), 55456 (VL240 Mini Oval, Gray), 55080 (VL240 Mini Oval, White), 54685 (VL260 Mini Oval, Gray), 55081 (VL260 Mini Oval, White), 50063 Panel + 11724 Overlay, 53637 Panel + 11724 Overlay, 53646 Panel + 11724 Overlay, 53999 Panel + 11724 Overlay, 50063 Panel + 11746 Overlay, 53637 Panel + 11746 Overlay, 53646 Panel + 11746 Overlay, 53999 Panel + 11746 Overlay, 53636 Panel + 11745 Overlay, 53644 Panel + 11745 Overlay, 53280 Panel + 11219 Overlay, 54252 Panel + 11219 Overlay, 55472 Panel + 11219 Overlay, 53280 Panel + 11852 Overlay, 54252 Panel + 11852 Overlay, 55472 Panel + 11852 Overlay, 54135 (VL401 Lite Duplex), 54665 (VL401 Lite Duplex), 52424 Panel + 10839 Overlay, 52424 Panel + 11885 Overlay, 54105 (VL403 Lite Duplex), 54664 (VL403 Lite Duplex), 54130 Panel + 10753 Overlay, 54130 Panel + 11884 Overlay, 50217 (VL406T Duplex), 55413 Panel + 12438 Overlay, 50195 Panel + 12438 Overlay, 50210 Panel + 12438 Overlay, 50222 Panel + 12438 Overlay, 55350 (VL406U Duplex), 53272 (VL406U Duplex, 10ft Cable), 55417 Panel + 11947 Overly, 53271 + 11947 Overlay


  • 110V 15A 60Hz with 15FT Corded GFCI
  • Balboa VS100 Spa Control System, 56296-03
  • Remote Heater w/M7 Sensors, 1.0/4.0KW, 36 inch Cables, 58203
  • Pump 1 circuit, 2 speed, 110V, 10A Max (No Cord)
  • Ozone circuit, 110V, 1A Max (No Cord)
  • Light circuit, 12V, 1A Max (No Cord)
  • Flo-Thru Incoloy High Flow heater with M7 technology
  • Stainless steel heater housing
  • No Pressure Switch. Heater can be installed on suction or discharge side of pump
  • Quick Disconnect Heater Cable
  • UL Recognized for your safety
  • Freeze protection
  • High-limit protection
  • Filtration mode
  • Economy Mode
  • Tech Book (Only Available Online. See Tabs Above)
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty (Extended Warranty Option is available upon ordering)

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Controller: 8.0" L x 6.0625" H x 2.39" W
  • Heater: 10" L x 1.5" Diameter

This controller Kit is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: Domestic 56403 RS-101 or RS101 (Dream Maker Spas), 53946 or 462015 RS100 Circuit Board, 53947 RS100 System, 56298-03 (VS100, 220V Setup), 54805 (VS100, 220V Setup), 10-175-4805 (VS100, 220V Setup), 56404 or 456404-01 (RS101 Board Only), 56297-02 (Circuit Board), 54808 (Kit), 56473 (System)

$379.95 VS100_KIT_M-1.png


Please Select One of the warranty options:
Balboa brand Controllers Warranty Option (Select one)   Learn More
One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty (Standard)
Two Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty (add $19.95)
Three Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty (add $29.95)
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