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Balboa OEM VS M7 Heater ASSY with Sensors, (NO Tailpieces/Gaskets), 5.5KW Titanium Element, G7530

Balboa brand OEM VS M7 Heater Assembly with Dual Sensors AND Titanium Heater Element. This is the "Original" heater by Balboa. NO Tailpieces, and NO O-Ring Gaskets. OEM part number G7530.

The Titanium Heater Element works great for Salt Water Application.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-175-5624

Heater Dimensions are approximately 15" L x 2.0" Diameter (Actual hole diameter is 2.25").


  • Stainless Steel Heater Housing
  • 5.5KW 220V Titanium Flo-Thru Heater Element
  • Balboa OEM M7 Dual Sensors, 12.0"
  • Pair of 2.0" Heater Split Nuts

Note that the Heater Split Nuts have an inside nut diameter of approximately 3.1".

This heater is also a replacement option for the following heater part numbers: 26-58083-7S-KS, 26-0807-7S-KS, 2-00-0036C, C2550-0807-TPS, 58121, 58209, 58000, 58010 (825 Incoloy), 58123, 58089 (825 Incoloy), 58086, 58105 (825 INC), 46-138-1020, 58016, 55473, 58140 (825 Incoloy Element), 740-0617, 740-0655, 2-00-0049, 58306 (has BP Heater Cable), 55624 (Has Titanium Element), Master Spas X300713, 58016 (Marquis Spas), 58091, C2550-0807-ZTS (Full Titanium), 25-250-0811, 55689 (1.5" End Tail), 58010 (825 Incoloy), C2550-C3452-1, 26-58083-K (800 Incoloy), 25-200-0001 (800 Incoloy), 25-200-8083 (800 Incoloy), 58237(5.5KW 825 15IN 1.5"), 25-200-0001 (Includes Tailpieces and O-Ring Gaskets), 58083 (Includes Tailpieces and O-Ring Gaskets), 55624 (Includes Tailpieces and O-Ring Gaskets), G7510 (Incoloy Element)

This item carries a 1-year limited warranty.




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Replace your Heater O-Ring Gaskets now at the discounted price. This consist of TWO O-Ring Gaskets that goes on each end of the heater metal housing. Due to wear and tear, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be replaced every time the heater is removed or replaced.