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Balboa UV Ozonator Kit with Amp Cord, 59024


Balboa UV Ozonator Kit with Amp Cord, 59024

Balboa UV Ozonator, model 59024, uses UV lamp with Plasma Cell that yields higher, consistent ozone levels using 1/3 the energy of conventional UV generators. Basically less energy consumption with cool running design. In addition, the SmartStart solid-state electronic ballast eliminates start-up flicker, sputter, electronic noise and GFCI tripping.

SpaGuts P/N: 35-175-9024

The 59024 UV Ozone unit replaces the 52468-01 Model. It has the exact same appearance and size, and also has the same functions.

Power rating is 110V and 220V, 50/60Hz. Instructions are provided for voltage configuration. The ozone unit glows on the nipple fitting side (possibly green) indicating the ozone unit is ON.

Ozone kit includes the UV Ozonator, 6ft ozone tubing, 1/4-inch check valve, 4ft cord with 4-Prong Amp Plug, electrical wire couplers, Operation and Installation Manuals.

Dimensions (Approx): 12.75" x 2.4" x 2.78"

Ozone ouput (Approx): 30 mg/hr

Capable of handling water volume of up to 500 gallons

This Ozonator is also a replacement option for the following ozone part numbers: 11206-10IA-A14, 35-700-1001, 11106-10I-A14, 35-700-1000, 11106-05IA-A99, 52633, 35-700-1002, Hydro Spa 7095, Prozone PZ1, 108875 CleanZone II, X300015 (Master Spas), OZ-1 6473-125 (Sunzone; Obsolete), 6472-625 (Sunzone 220V; Obsolete), OZO18000070 Cal Zone

This item comes with a one year limited warranty.

If you are adding this to a spa that is not ozone ready, you'll also need to buy either an ozone saddle clamp or an ozone inline bypass kit.

For spas that have a small circulation pump installed with 3/4 inch or 1/2 inch tube, you can install an ozone venturi injector.

NOTE: Ozonators are for outdoor use only.

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No adapter Cord
J&J Mini (cord BM)(add $12.95)
J&J Mini for Hot Springs (cord CM)(add $12.95)
J&J Mini for Marquis (cord PM)(add $12.95)
J&J Mini for Sundance/Jacuzzi (cord JS1 - 110V Only)(add $12.95)
Older Type Cord for Sundance (cord ES)(add $12.95)
Standard Nema Wall Plug (cord A - 110V Only)(add $12.95)
Large J&J (cord B)(add $12.95)

See wiring diagram in Tech Specs.


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