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Gecko Lite Streme Bath Control w/Topside Kit, LS-120 Module, 20mins

Gecko Lite Streme Bath Control with Topside Kit. This kit includes the LS-120 Module, OEM part number 0101-200023, with 20 minute time out. This item comes with a 3ft power cord (approx.) with Nema plug that plugs into a standard style wall outlet, and a short 15-inch cord with female Nema receptacle to plug into a pump cord.

The control unit operates via a single on/off light up button switch, chrome in color and included in kit, that comes with a 6ft cable, OEM part number 0101-002008, model SW-LS. Press the button switch (which lights up to indicate the pump is on) and the pump will run for 20 minutes, then automatically shut off. Press the button again for 20 more minutes of operation.

SpaGuts P/N: 10-204-0023

Power Rating: 120V 60Hz 15A

Control Unit Dimensions (Approx): 5.72" L x 2.75" H x 1.81" W

Button Switch Dimensions (Approx): 1.5" Diameter x 1.06" H

Add this control unit to ensure that your bathtub pump (with or without a bathtub heater) is not left running when not in use. We recommend adding a controller in situations where the bathtub is likely to be used by careless users, such as in hotels.

This controller is for indoor use only. Wall mount. Hard wiring may be required.

This control kit is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: 910826-001, 0101-200026, 910829-001 (SW-LS CR-GE1 button switch only), 910828-001, Hydro System Button Switch 51759 (Obsolete; Replace with New Kit), 59-337-1025 (button switch only), 9736-005 (button switch only), 58-337-1168 (control module), 9736-006 (control module), IC-TMSPT-120/60-002-P3-N (Obsolete; Has Pump and Heater Plug-ins)

This item comes with a one year limited warranty.

NOTE 1: The new version controller that is provided will not have the option for a bathtub water level sensor. Water level sensors for this type of controller is not available anymore. Also the box color may be black or blue, depending on availability.

NOTE 2: This Kit is shipped in a clear sealed bag with Yellow Warning Label. Verify through the clear sealed bag that the correct parts was received prior to opening the bag. Sealed bags that are opened voids the return policy for the parts.