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Grit-Gitter Underwater Vacuum

Get The Grit While You Sit!

If you own a spa, you know just how annoying those little particles at the bottom of the spa can be and how difficult they are to get out. Whether it is dirt tracked in from your feet or debris blown in from the wind or trees, you can say good-bye to them with the Grit-Gitter. The small, 9"-long Grit-Gitter is great for vacuuming the filter compartment, tight corners, and hard-to- reach areas.

SpaGuts P/N: 40-100-1015

There is no need to get out of the spa, nothing to hook up, and nothing to plug in. Just squeeze and release to collect dirt and small debris. It comes with instruction sheet, and reusable container.

This item comes with a one year limited warranty, and is non-returnable.