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Iron Might Circulation Pump, 220V

This is the 24 hour Iron Might circulation pump, 220V, with 48-frame motor, and a hi-flo side discharge wet end for optimum flow. Delivers 40 gpm to maintain strong water flow. Labeled 1/8 HP or 1/15 HP, and still provides the same performance. And only draws 0.63 amps. Has a viton seal for maximum leak protection. Compatible with Spaguts controllers and many other brand controllers.

SpaGuts P/N: 15-350-2256

Threaded fittings are standard 1.5 inch (approximately 2-3/8 inch if measuring from outside thread to outside thread of fittings).

DRAIN PLUGS AND HOSE FITTINGS: Please note that drain plugs may vary in quantity and type depending on how the pump arrives from the pump manufacturer. There may be 1, 2 or 3 drain plugs on the pump wet end. Hose barb fittings are NOT included with any pumps. If the original pump has a small hose connection, either transfer the original hose barb fitting to the new pump, or purchase the 15-350-4350 Hose Barb Fitting, 3/8 inch barb x 1/4 inch MPT. Tapping may be required if the location to install the hose barb fitting has no threads.

This pump is a replacement option for the following circ pumps: 341002A-1E, 3410020-1E, 1-00-0183, 34-270-1055, CP-1/8-1N22A, 3J10070-0E, PUMCIRC-48F1S240V, PUUL08138H (Obsolete), LX WTC50M (Re-Plumbing is Required), 5KH39BNA770X (Motor Only), 3J10070-1E

This pump is also a great replacement option for the following Aqua-Flo's 1/15 HP CMHP Circ Master Circulating Pumps (provides similar water flow output, even though HP is different): 02093001-2010 or 1-00-0204, 02093001-2, 02407004-2, 02093670-2, 02410512-2 (TheraMaxII), 02093007-2 (Hush Pump), 10-0110A, 02093006-2

Motor part numbers that are normally used for this pump: K55MYGRD-8367, F48P83A79, K55MYHFR-8633

Dimensions (Approx): 11 inches long, 8.25 inches high, 6.5 inches wide.

The pump image shows the pump discharge on top pointing to the 12 o'clock position. The pump discharge can also be rotated every 90-degrees (3, 6 or 9 o'clock positions) by losing the four long bolts at the back of the motor. The pump intake (suction) is located in the front center face of the pump.

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One year limited warranty on motor and wet end.