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LX Spa Pump, 56WUA, 4.0 HP 220V, 2-Spd, SD, 2.0in, 60Hz, 56Y, 56WUA400-II

Replacement LX Spa Pump by Guangdong Lingxiao, Model 56WUA, WUA Series. Rated 4.0 Horse Power (HP), 220V, 2-Speed, 56-Frame. OEM part number 56WUA400-II.

NOTE: The pump photo shown to the right only shows one capacitor mounted on top of the motor. We cannot guarantee if the motor that is shipped will have 1 or Dual Capacitor attached to the outside of the motor housing, and at a specific location due to different motor models that are supplied. Make sure there is plenty of room where the spa pump is located for a motor that may have a single of dual motor capacitor on the outside of the motor housing.

SpaGuts P/N: 15-973-5640

Pump and Motor Ratings

  • Pump Wet End Model: 56WUA
  • 2.0 inch Center Suction
  • 2.0 inch Side Discharge
  • Discharge Rotation: UP Position (12 o'clock)
  • Horse Power: 4.0 HP
  • Voltage: 230V
  • *Amps: 12/4.4 (Approx)
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • RPM: 3450/1725
  • Speed: Dual
  • Type: Indoor
  • Usage: Above Ground Pool and Spa
  • Motor Mount: Welded

*NOTE: Amp rating and dimensions may vary depending on the motor brand and model that is used with this pump. Motor brand can be US Motors, AO Smith Century Laser, GE, Etc… Please contact us to verify dimensions if space is very limited for the new pump.

This is a Side Discharge Pump with 2.0-inch fittings. Outside thread to outside thread measurement on the pump fittings is approximately 3.1 inches. (Pump Unions sold separately)

Pump dimensions (Approx): 15.5 inch L x 9 inch H x 8 inch W

This pump is also the replacement option for the following spa pump models: 56WUA400-II, 3721621-1W, 06130395-2040, 0800-390000, T55MWBLJ-962 (Motor Only), T55MWCNT-1432 (Motor Only), 1-00-0145, 078306-1340, 1-00-0146, 07826787-2041, 1-00-0153, 07827778-2341, 05834005-2, 05334001-2, 05330002-2, 07827743-2, 05830685-2, 05834014-2, 05330883-2, 05230366-2, 07827343-2, 07127783-2, 07830306-2, 07830332-2, 05330883-1, 7827774-2, 05834006-2, 07830001-1, 07327783-2, PUM22000558, 05825015-7 (2.5HP), WUA400 and WUA400-II (LX Pump, Verify Amp Rating and Motor Frame Size), SPR1900, 05834030-5 (3HP, Single Speed), 07726008-5, 05834009-2, 05834021-2 (5.0 SPL), 05825489-2, 5KCP49UN9096X (Motor Only; Verify Pump Wetend to match), 05334000-5, 07830000-2, 05825685-2, PRC9089X, 3721623-1W8C (Waterway EX2, Morgan Spa), 05825001-2, TheraMax II (05225427-2, 6500-902, 11.3A), 05325004-5, 06625787-2, 05334026-2, 1431601-03 rev A (Watkins), 05334012-2040, 06630485-2, 06130310, 07830707-2, 06630309-2, T55CXBSR-1076 (Motor ONLY; MUST verify Pump Housing to match), 06630397-2, T55MWCBB-1185 (Motor ONLY; MUST verify Pump Housing to match), 06630450-2, 06630489-2, 06630397, X321000, X320420 (3.0HP), X320450 (2.0HP), 06630370-2, 1-00-0132, 07830306-1, 06130319-2, 06630330-2, 06130308-2, 06630395-2, 06630176-2, 06530500-2, 06630394-2, 06630500-2, 06625485-2, 15-200-0395, 05625287-1, T55MWBNN-1009 (Motor ONLY; MUST verify Pump Housing to match), T55CXBNN-1009 (Motor ONLY; MUST verify Pump Housing to match), 91231606 (Suction Cover, Faceplate)

This item comes with 1-year limited warranty.


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