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New Laing E10 Pump

New Laing Lo-Flo Circulation Pump, E10 Model, with thermoplastic wet end designed to run 40% more efficient than the previous models. Includes variable speed technology that offers power savings. New motor with side vents to keep the motor cool and to last longer. Electronically Commutated Motor that provides Dry Run Protection and soft start. The built in Dry Run protection help eliminate motor and pump damage if the pump is run without water. An open impeller is installed to help resist clogging.

SpaGuts P/N:

  • 15-375-1005, LHB07100169, 115V, 3/4"
  • 15-375-1000, LHB07100168, 230v, 3/4"
  • 15-375-1010, LMB07102965, 115V, 1"
  • 15-375-1015, LMB07102966, 230V, 1"

The New Laing Circulation Pump is compact and lightweight, weighs less than 4 lbs. It is whisper quiet, less than 50db. Built in motor bracket for mounting in 4 different discharge angles. Pipe connection is available in 3/4 inch or 1 inch barb for the suction and discharge.

NOTE that this circulation pump does not have a flow sensor cable installed, and will not work as an exact replacement if the original circulation pump has a flow sensor cable on it.

Excellent replacement for other circulation pumps such as the Grundfos. Also consider the Waterway Tiny Might Circulation Pump.

The (15-375-1005) 115V 3/4" Laing Circ Pump is a replacement option for the following Laing Circulation Pump Models or Part Numbers: 6080U0027, 34-158-1450, 73989, 6500-038, 6500-460, E10-NSHN1W-19, 733886739893, LHB07100139, 6050U0015, 1-00-0136A, E10-NSHNNN1W, 1-00-0136, 1-00-0164, 1-00-0173, 1-00-0177, SD6500-460, 909-NH-14 6848, 909-NH-26 6860, 909-NH-18 6865, 1212-NH-26 6958, 909-NH-14 6848, Laing 909-NH-26 6860, Laing 909-NH-18 6865, 1212-NH-26 6958, E10-NSHNDNN1W-02

The (15-375-1000) 230v 3/4" Laing Circ Pump is a replacement option for the following Laing Circulation Pump Models or Part Numbers: SM909NHW-14, SM909NHW-18, SM959NHW-26, SM-909-NHW-26, 6000-125, 6602.9, SM909NH-14, SM909NH-18, SM909-NH-26, vSM1212-NH-26, 6080U0026, 73979, E10-NSHN2W-20, 6050U0016, E10-NSHNDNN2W-02, 733886739794, LHB07100138, 1-00-0098, 909-NH-26 6920, 1-00-0174, 909-NH-18 6921, 1-00-0159, 959-NH-26 7065, 1-00-0168, 909-NH-14 6509, 1-00-0178, 1212-NH-26 6975, SD6500-035

Replacement option for the following Laing Circulation Pump Models: SM909NHW-26, 9360, 9917.9, 6169.9, 9386.9, 1-00-0098, E10-NSHNNN2W-20, E10-NSHNNN1W-19, 4RH10, SilentFlo 5000, SM-909-NHW-18, 6500-035, E10-NSHNNN2W-20, E10-NSHN2W20, 7384.1, 6602.8, E10-NSHNDNN2W-01, E10-NSHNSW-20, SM-1212-NHW-19 (110V, 1")

Choice of 110V or 220V motor.

- New 32-bit Motors - 110V, 62W, 0.52A, 60Hz, 3100 RPM
- 220V, 71W, 0.31A, 50/60Hz, 3200 RPM
- Automatic Overload Protection
- Gets 98 watts of performance for only 65 watts of power
- Capacities: 14 GPM
- Max Head: 20 ft
- Max Temp: 140° F

- Spas and Hot tubs water circulation
- Saltwater and Freshwater
- Ozone Treatment
- Chillling Systems

Dimensions: 6"L x 4.88"H x 4.31"W

Click here to view diagram and specification of the Laing Pump.

This item comes with a 2-year limited warranty.



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3/4 inch
1 inch
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No Cord
Blue Motor Cord 3-Pin 1-Speed 18/3AWG 4ft (add $9.95)
Amp Motor Cord 4-Prong 1-Speed 14/3AWG 4ft (add $9.95)