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SpaGuts Electronic 10-Button Topside Panel, K-5 Model

The SpaGuts Electronic 10-Button Topside is the replacement topside for SpaGuts brand M-Series CS9700 and CS9707 Electronic Controllers. Topside cable is approximately 25ft long with 8-pin plug.

SpaGuts P/N: 30-200-0190

Button configuration:
(Top) Left-to-Right: Jet1-Jet2-Aux1-light-Aux2
(Bottom) Left-to-Right: Program-Econ-Up-Down-Aux3

Dimensions (Approx): 7 inch x 3.25 inch

This topside panel is also a replacement option for Gecko, Hydro Quip and Spa Builder's topside model TSC-5 or K-5 that has the same button configuration with 10 buttons. Please verify. Model number can be found on the back of the topside panel.

This topside kit is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: 34-0190A-U (NO Overlay), 0201-007195 (NO Overlay), SL-GR-10K-25-NO-HQ1, 58-355-4052, 31-0190A-U, 58-355-4051, 34-0190-A, 80-0211-10 (Overlay Only), 3-05-0149 (Overlay Only), 3-00-8909, HT-2, HT-II

NOTE: A standard K-5 topside with a 30-125-1000 overlay will be provided in a clear sealed bag.

This item comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

NOTE: Depending on availability, the Overlay/Label may ship with a different color, text, and/or button shape than the picture shown above.

When selecting your spa topside panel, it’s critical that you go by part numbers and not just by appearances or the model number. The part number on a spa topside panel can be found on a white sticker located directly under the topside panel (The ID label may be located on the casing of the topside panel, and the topside panel may need to be removed from the hot tub to get to this label). Buy based on this part number. Model numbers may provide many different options, and choosing the correct option is very critical. Do NOT purchase a hot tub topside panel just because it looks the same as the one you’re replacing. Spa topside panels can look identical, but be programmed differently to work with different spa controllers and circuit boards. ALSO pay attention to the type of cable plug that is on the end of the topside cable. Different spa topside panels use a certain type of cable plug that plugs into compatible spa controllers and circuit boards. Replacement spa topside panels are shipped in clear sealed bags with Yellow Warning Label. Verify through the clear sealed bag that the correct topside panel was received prior to opening the bag. Sealed bags that are opened voids the return policy for spa topside panels.