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SpaGuts Replacement Hi-Limit Switch

Replacement Hi-Limit Switch for your SpaGuts brand Pneumatic Controllers.

SpaGuts part numbers (Dimensions are approximate):

  • 25-150-1035, 24" cap, 2.75" x 5/16" Bulb
  • 25-850-1031, 36" cap, 4.13" x 1/4" Bulb

Can be used on other systems that require a Hi-Limit Switch (sometimes called an "Overheat Protection Switch"). This Hi-Limit Switch will activate when the water temperature reaches 118°F. Press the red reset button when the water temperature drops below 104°F.

Dimension (Approx): 2.13" L x 1.43" H x 0.89" W (View Dimensions Diagram)

Current Mounting Screw Size on a SpaGuts Controller Box: 3/8" L x 8/32" Thread Size (Screw Length varies on different applications)

Replacement option for the following hi-limit part numbers: 34-0012-K (24" CAP), 2-05-0160 (24" CAP), 275-3275-00 (24" CAP), 2-05-0078 (36" CAP), 275-2663-02 (36" CAP), 275-3289-00 (36" CAP), Watkins 30208 (36" CAP, 1/4" Bulb; Retrofit Mounting Screw Hole is Required)

This item comes with a 90-day limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.

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Hi-Limit Switch with 24 inch CAP, 3 inch bulb
Hi-Limit Switch with 36 inch CAP, 3.36 inch bulb (add $15)