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SpaGuts Universal Flo-Thru Heater Assembly


SpaGuts Universal Flo-Thru Heater Assembly

SpaGuts Universal Flo-Thru Heater Assembly works with many spa controllers that has a High Flow Flo-Thru Heater attached just like the picture shown. Standard 15 inches long x 2 inches diameter High Flow Flo-Thru Heater Assembly. This heater assembly is also a replacement option for many Balboa heater models that has the same size and dimension.

A pair of 2 inch heater split nuts and heater tail pieces are included. Available with a 4.0 KW or 5.5 KW 220V Incoloy Heater Element (1.0 kw or 1.5 kw on 110V application).

(Click here to View Larger Diagram)

SpaGuts PN:

  • 25-150-1022, 4.0 KW
  • 25-150-1021, 5.5 KW


  • Fully adjustable mounting stubs. Adjust to fit in mounting holes within the controller
  • 5 pressure switch or sensor mounting port locations
  • Flush mount plugs on pressure switch mounting ports
  • Adjustable sensor cover plate

NOTE: This Universal Heater Assembly does not fit SpaGuts and Hydro-Quip CS Series and M Series Models (Fixed or Movable) or Gecko brand controllers. Also does not fit Spa Builders SSPA and MSPA model controllers.

Replacement Option for the following Heaters (Sensors, Pressure Switch and 1.5" Tailpieces/Reducers Sold Separately): 50071 (5.5KW, Pressure Switch), 58001, 48-3300-10-535H, 48-3300-10-306H, 58048, 58010, 58121, 58209, 58064(4.0kW, 825), 58000, 58123, 58089, 58086, 58105, 58106, 58056, 58212, 58120, 58117, 58109, 58031, 53349, 58048, 58028, 58009, 58067, R5746, 58019, 58026, 58074, 58066, 58015, 58002, 58016, 58032, 58103, 58027, 58029, 50080, 50081, 50067, b24040LB, 50138, 50137, 50089, 50150 (5.5KW, Pressure Switch), C2550-1056, 50143 (4.0KW), C2400-0739ET and C2400-0739 (Tailpiece with PSI tap sold separately), C2550-0621-A (5.5KW), C2400-0315 (4.0KW), 48-3300-10-535H (5.5KW), C2550-0735 (5.5KW), C2550-0537 (5.5KW), C2550-07352 (5.5KW), 48-3300-10-435H (5.5KW), C2550-0435 (5.5KW), C2550-0535 (5.5KW), C2550-0735ET (5.5KW), C2400-5000-2 (4.0KW), C2400-5000-2B (4.0KW), C2550-5000-2 (5.5KW), C2550-5000-2B (5.5KW), C2550-0456 (5.5KW), 58140 (5.5KW), C2550-5000-1 (5.5KW), C2400-5000-1 (4.0KW), 58148 (4.0KW, 1.5" Tailpieces), 55033 (4.0KW, 1.5" Tailpieces), 55033-01 (4.0KW, 1.5" Tailpieces), 55033-02 (4.0KW, 1.5" Tailpieces), 55035 (4.0KW, 1.5" Tailpieces), 55035-01 (4.0KW, 1.5" Tailpieces), 102372 or 54598 (Coleman 4.0KW, MUST use original tail piece with PSI Tap), 50157 (5.5KW, 1.5" Tailpieces), 25-150-1020 (5.5KW), 25-150-1025 (4.0KW), 48-1555-RP (5.5KW), 48-1540-RP (4.0KW), 26-0071-XXX (5.5KW), 50142 (4.0KW, 1.5" Tailpieces), C2550-0035 (5.5KW), 50134 (5.5KW, Pressure Switch), 50096 (5.5KW, Pressure Switch), 50076 (5.5KW, Pressure Switch), C2550-0535-TPS (5.5KW, Pressure Switch), 20-00425 (5.5KW, Pressure Switch), C2550-5000-P (5.5KW), 46-555-2210 (5.5KW), C2400-5000-P (4.0KW), 26-0071B (4.0KW), 10039 (4.0KW), 25-250-0809 (4.0KW), C2400-0809-TPS (4.0KW), C2550-0737 (5.5KW), 25-175-8019 (5.5KW), C2550-0314 (5.5KW), 48-3300-10-304H (5.5KW), 22-5006 (5.5KW), 22-5012 (5.5KW), C2550-0304TI (5.5KW), C2550-0304-1 (5.5KW), C2550-0304-PD (5.5KW), C2550-0304-ET-PD (5.5KW), 20-00417 (5.5KW), 20-00307 (5.5KW), B24055B (5.5KW), B24055E (5.5KW), C2550-0314ET (5.5KW), C2550-0314EP (5.5KW), AQT2000530 (5.5KW), 9185-99 (5.5KW), 611577 (5.5KW), 46-320-1160 (5.5KW), C2550-0304A, 58081 (4.0KW), 26-58081-5S-KP (4.0KW), 26-0535-5S-KP (4.0KW), 26-58032-5S-K, 26-0807-5S-K, 26-0540-5S-KS, 26-58029-5S-K, 26-0809-5S-K, 26-58027-7S-K, 26-0809-7S-K, 26-58019-7S-KSP, 26-0809-7S-KS, 26-0540-7S-KS, 26-0540-7S-KS, 26-0807-7S-K, 26-58002-7S-K, 26-0540-5S-KS, 26-0540-5S-KS, 26-0809-KSP, 26-58048-5S-KSP, 26-0535-5S-KP, 26-58081-5S-KP, 58068 (4.0KW), 58085 (4.0KW), 25-250-0810 (5.5KW), C2400-0535-TPS, C2400-0535, C2550-0735P (5.5KW, Pressure Switch), C2550-0739 (5.5KW), 25-250-0739 (5.5KW), 2-00-5003 (4.0KW), C2400-0314ET (4.0KW), C2400-0314 (4.0KW), 20-5011 (4.0KW), 20-00317 (4.0KW), 90-225011 (4.0KW), C2400-0304TI (4.0KW), C2400-0304T1 (4.0KW), 20-00433 (4.0KW), 20-00434 (4.0KW), 20-00454 (4.0KW), B24040E (4.0KW), C2550-0356ET (5.5KW), C2550-0356 (5.5KW), C2400-0356ET (4.0KW), C2400-0356 (4.0KW), 58013 (5.5KW Incoloy 825), C2550-0066ET-A (5.5KW), 2-00-5002 (5.5KW), 20-00319 (5.5KW), 22-5020 (5.5KW), 90-225020 (5.5KW), B24055S (5.5KW), 2-00-0082A (5.5KW), 26-0315-7S-KA (5.5KW), 2-00-0082 (5.5KW), C2550-0315 (5.5KW), 48-1540-HQ (14.5" L, 4.0KW), 20-00318 (4.0KW), B24040S (4.0KW), 46-371-1210 (4.0KW), 46-555-2206 (4.0KW), 48-1540-HS (4.0KW), 48-1555-HS (5.5KW), C2550-0002 (5.5KW), C2550-0002ET (5.5KW, Coated), Balboa 58010 (5.5KW), Balboa 58083 (5.5KW), Balboa 58017 (5.5kW, 825), Balboa 58111 (4.0kW, 800), C2550-0739ET (5.5KW, Coated), 55302 (HTR ASSY, 5.5KW, W/Sensors)

This item comes with a one year limited warranty.

Looking to just replace the heater element? Check out our Flo-Thru Heater Element.

For the OEM Heater Assembly to fit SpaGuts and Hydro-Quip CS Series and M Series Models brand controllers click: OEM Heater Assembly.

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