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Universal replacement Gecko SSPA/MSPA Flo-Thru Heater Assembly, 5.5KW, 220V


Universal replacement Gecko SSPA/MSPA Flo-Thru Heater Assembly, 5.5KW, 220V

Universal replacement 5.5KW 220V Flo-Thru Heater Assembly for Gecko SSPA and MSPA Model Controllers. Stainless Steel heater housing. Incoloy 800 Heater Element. Includes pair of 2.0 inch heater split nuts. Consist of two movable mounting bands, and two pressure switch taps. OEM part numbers C2550-5003 or 48-1555-RP-GEK.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-250-5005

Note that this heater does not come with a thermowell cover plate with wing nut, which is normally used on older Gecko SSPA and MSPA models for mounting the Hi-Limit Sensor. Customer will need to use the old thermowell cover plate and wing nut on the new heater. Heater Tailpieces and O-Ring Gaskets sold separately.

Heater outputs approximately 1.5KW on 110/120V applications.

Heater Dimension (Approx): 15" L x 2" Diameter

This heater comes with a one year limited warranty.

Made in USA.

Replacement option for the following heater part numbers: 20-00232, C2550-0304, C2550-0801A, 46-371-1208, C2550-0601ET, C2550-0802ET, C2550-0800, C2550-0800ET, C2550-0800ET-G, B24055GM, 20-00272, 20-00274, 530AA0107, C2550-C3330-1 or C2550-C3330-1A (Caldera Spas - must use the original heater cables and grounding bar), C2550-0601, C2550-0601ET, B24055LAS, B24055LASD, B24055U, 20-00250, 20-00251, 20-00249, 20-00270, B24055AR (Use the original sensor plate), UL Model 26-0071X-XXX (Must Confirm Heater Part Number to Match)

Also a replacement option for the following heater part numbers (Must use the original pressure switch, and add new heater cables): 9920-100347 or 2-00-7511, 25-720-0339, 9920-100339, 2-00-7503, C2500-0800-2, 46-371-1216, 46-371-1207, 20-00294, 20-00250, 610473, C2550-0800-2, C2550-0800ET-G, C2550-0803A, HEP-00-00-00 530AA0428




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