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VS and CS Series Hot Tub and Spa Packs

SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack
Starting at $579.95

SpaGuts CS Series Electronic Spa Pack
Starting at $659.95

Gecko Ye-5-H5.5 Series Electronic Spa Pack
Starting at $699.95

SpaGutsPack1 ElectronicPack2 ElectronicPack3
Click Here to Configure the VS Series Spa Pack.

Click Here to Configure the CS Series Spa Pack

Click Here to Configure the YE Series Spa Pack

SpaGuts offers electronic equipment spa packs with your choice of spa controllers. All three have the same great quality, manufactured to our rigorous standards and carry the same 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty. Depending on the configuration of the spa, one series may be more appropriate for the specific spa application than the other. As an example and shown in the table below, the CS series comes with J and J Mini Color Coded Cords that lights up. This help prevents connecting the wrong cord to the wrong receptacle, and the plug lights up when that component circuit is activated. If an economy mode which only heats during the filtration cycle or a sleep mode for extended periods of non-use are preferred for operational cost savings then the VS series would the obvious choice. If you would like the flexibility of installing the controller on either side of the motor then the VS and YE series would be the obvious choices. The VS series uses M7 Technology, and the YE series uses IN.T.CIP Technology instead of a pressure switch on a CS series which need periodic adjustment and require discharge side installation. And for those who desire WIFI Control to monitor and control the spa from a phone or a computer anywhere in the world, the YE series is a step ahead that provides this feature. Whatever installation and/or features requirement you have, SpaGuts has an Equipment Spa Pack right for your application. Select each product for additional features information and configuring an equipment spa pack.

Features VS Series CS Series YE Series
110V/220V Power Supply (220V Requires 4-Wire. Neutral Required) X X X
Optional 220V 3-Wire Upgrade      
Convertible 110V/220V Circuits X X X
1.375KW/5.5KW Flo-Thru Heater X X X
Optional 2nd Pump Circuit X X X
Optional 2nd Pump Circuit, Dual Speed     X
Optional Blower Circuit, Single Speed X X X
Ozone Circuit X X X
Optional Circ Pump Circuit X-1 X X
Optional Aux or ACC Circuits X-2 X X
Up-gradable from Single to Dual Pump Circuits Using Same Controller Box     X
12V Light X X X
Freeze Protection X X X
Hi-Limit/Over Heat Protection X X X
Pressure Switch Protection   X  
Optional Flow Switch Protection   X  
M7 Technology Protection X    
In.t.cip Technology Protection     X
Economy Mode X   X-3
Filtration Cycle X X X
Sleep Mode X    
Digital Topside Panel X X X
Fahrenheit or Celsius Display X X X
Topside Cover Plate X Optional X
Lighted Color Coded Cords   X  
Amp Cords X   X
Heater ON Light on front cover of Controller box   X  
Optional Auxiliary Topside X-4   X
Optional Floating IR Remote Control X-5    
Optional WIFI Control     X
Temperature/Hi-Limit Sensors X X X
Sensors Pre-Mounted on Heater X X-6 X
Skid Base Mounted Components X X X
2-Year Limited Warranty X X X
Optional 3rd Year Warranty X X  
X-1 = Circ Pump Circuit for Small Circ Pump not available for single pump, no blower systems.
X-2 = Aux or ACC circuit for a constant voltage output not available for single pump, no blower systems.
X-3 = Economy Mode only availabe on K450 Topside Panel OR Higher and/or via WIFI control
X-4 = Optional Auxiliary Topside Panel not available for single pump, no blower systems.
X-5 = Optional Floating IR Remote Control not available for single pump, no blower systems.
X-6 = Hi-Limit Sensor is pre-mounted on Heater. Temperature sensor to be mounted per Installation Instructions.