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SpaGuts FAQ

These are some of the most frequently asked questions of our customer service staff. Click on any topic to see details. Or...
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Technical Support

1. Support: Command Center not working (Intial Installation).

2. Support: Thermostat setting on Controller when using a Command Center.

3. Support: FLO or 3 blinking dots error code. (CS CY Series)

4. Support: Heat rise for Spa Controls with an electric heater.

5. Support 2: Command Center not working properly after awhile of use.

6. Support: Prr displays on Spaguts CS-Series Electronic Topside panel.

7. Support: Water leaking from pump unions or heater split nuts.

8. Support: HL displaying on Spaguts Electronic Topside Panel.

9. Support: Inconsistent heat from Topside Command Center.

10. Support: ColorGlo Sparkler not working properly.

11. Support: Do I need to rewire inside the controller even when I configured online or over the phone?

12. Support: Electronic Temp Sensor Installation (Electronic Controller)

13. Support: How to turn the power off at the controller instead of from the breaker.

14. Support: Air button and air tubing connection on Spaguts Pneumatic Controllers.

15. Support: Blower stopped working or burnt.

16. Why will my GFCI breaker not set when first powered up?

17. How do I remove/install SpaGuts heater element?


19. How do I clock the pump on my motor?

20. Why does the motor run in high speed in circulation and heating mode?

21. Support: What does the error code FLO, FLC or three flashing dots on the topside display mean? (Electronic)

22. Support: Why does the light on my ozonator stay on all the time on the SpaGuts CS-Series?

23. How do I know if my ozonator is working?

24. Support: Why does the spa motor over heat or suddenly turn itself off?

25. Support: GFCI Immediately trips. This is not an initial install.

26. Support: On an initial installation of a motor why does the motor run momentarily then stop?

27. Support: I ordered the wrong plumbing configuration on the spa pack.

28. Support: Now nothing works off the CS-Series Electronic Controller. No display, and no functions from any components.

29. Support: Burnt smell inside the control box.

30. Support: Heater element not working anymore, burnt out or shorted out.

31. Support: No wing nuts or retaining brackets were found with the electronic topside keypad.

32. Support: The Electronic Topside Keypad is smaller than the original topside hole cut-out.

33. Support: Possible clicking noise from pump motor or controller.

34. Support: Air siwtch is sticking or not working on Pneumatic Controller.

35. Support: What is the Purple cord for or how to connect the purple blower cord to an exisitng blower?

36. Support: Why does the 25A or 30A buss fuse keep on blowing?

37. Support: Can I use my existing temperature sensor with the SpaGuts Electronic Controller?

38. Support: Why is the Heater indicator light constanting clicking on/off?

39. Support: Command Center temperature displaying is showing "OP" or "OPB".

40. Support: How to determine if the pressure switch on SpaGuts controller is working properly.

41. Support: Blower is tripping the GFCI (SpaGuts Brand).

42. Support: Water leaking from heater.

43. Support: Smart Winter Mode on Gecko Systems and CS Series

44. Support: Temperature display is flashing on the Electronic Topside Keypad.

45. Support: Topside installation for the CS-Series and M-Series Electronic Spa Controllers

46. Support: The power terminal block on the circuit board is burnt (CS6200 Series).

47. Support: Balboa topside displays “OH//HH”

48. Support: Is it OK that my new spa motor is running hot, but does not overheat?

49. Support: The Glued Plumbing Configuration will not align up to the Pump and Heater on a Spa Pack.

50. Support: How to install a new replacement temperature sensor on the Electronic Controller.

51. Can I get a new gasket for my old/used topside panel?

52. What information do I need to get the correct wiring diagram for the SpaGuts brand Controller?

53. It looks like a crack on the Waterway Executive Pump Wet End.

54. Support: Small Glass 750mA 250V (F4) fuse keeps on blowing.

55. Support: Balboa topside displaying (SnA or Sa)

56. Support: Balboa topside displaying (Snb or Sb)

57. Support: Balboa topside displaying Dry or Dr

58. Support: Balboa topside displays OH or OHS

59. Support: Balboa topside displaying LF

60. Support: Balboa topside displaying HFL or HL

61. Support: Balboa topside displaying Pr

62. Support: Balboa topside displaying Ice or Ic

63. Support: Balboa topside displaying ---F

64. Support: Balboa topside displaying St or Std

65. Support: Balboa topside displaying Ec or Ecn

66. Support: Balboa topside displaying SL or SLP

67. Support: Balboa Controller VS500Z and VS501Z Mode Settings for Standard, Economy and Sleep.

68. Support: Balboa VS500Z and VS501Z Filter cycle settings

69. Support: Balboa Controller VS510SZ Mode Settings for Standard, Economy and Sleep.

70. Support: VS "SZ" Series controller Filter cycles settings

71. Support: Balboa Optional Freeze Sensor installation.

72. Support: GFCI tripping only after the system has been running for sometime.

73. Support: Installation of Air Buttons on the Acrylic Plate

74. New o-ring will not stay on the pump union tailpiece.

75. Support: Rotating the pump discharge on a Vico Pump that has a locking plate.

76. Support: Heat rise for whirlpool jetted bathtub heaters.

77. Support: Air switch is not activating the bath pump.

78. Support: Heater Assembly not working or heating anymore.

79. Support: GFCI breaker is now tripping off the VS-Series Spa Controller (not initial installation).

80. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2293) Spa-Flo 2.0HP 220V SD Waterway Pump, 342102A-0Z.

81. Customer Service: Can I request a no signature requirement AFTER the order has already shipped?

82. Support: Pump stopped working on VS-Series Spa Pack

83. Support: New pump making vibrating or buzzing noises on low and/or high speed, but runs fine.

84. Support: Bath Heater not working

85. Spa is over heating.

86. Support: Smoke coming from inside a Balboa or SpaGuts VS Series Spa Controller.

87. Support: GFCI breaker is now tripping off a Spa Circuit Board.

88. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2130) 48-Frame 1.5HP 110V CD Waterway Pump, 342061A-15

89. Support: New spa heater is installed, and it will not heat (no heat)

90. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2180) 48-Frame 2.0HP 220V SD Waterway Pump, 342102A-10.

91. Support: Replacement thermostat does not work

92. Support: Temperature reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius on a Balboa 54115 Circuit Board, 54114 Balboa System

93. How do I exchange a SpaGuts pump for a different pump?

94. Support: Location of Topside cable connection for the VS-Series Controllers

95. Support: Flow Switch Installation for the CS-Series and M-Series Controllers with Lo-Flow Heaters.

96. Reason for a topside overlay to crack and falling apart (peel away)

97. Support: Baptistry or Baptismal Heater Unit Heater ON light is not activating.

98. Support: Dashes displaying on the topside panel for a SD6600-720 LX-15 Sundance Board

99. Support: Now nothing works off the VS-Series Electronic Controller. No display, and no functions from any components

100. Support: Wiring information on the (15-350-2170) 48-Frame 2.0HP 220V CD WaterWay Pump, 342102A-15.

101. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2150) 48-Frame 1.5HP 220V 1.5" CD Waterway Pump 342062A-15.

102. Support-1: Wiring information for the (15-350-2140) 48-Frame 1.5HP 110V SD Waterway pump, 342061A-10.

103. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2110) 48-Frame 1.0HP 110V SD WaterWay pump, 342041A-10

104. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2120) 48-Frame 1.0HP 110V 1.5" CD Waterway Pump 342041A-15.

105. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-4014) Exec-48 1.5HP 110V WaterWay pump, 2.0" Intake, 342061A-1A

106. Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-4015) Exec-48 1.5HP 110V WaterWay pump, 2.5" Intake, 342061A-13

107. Support: Non-Conductive Dielectric Grease is OK to be used on electrical connections

108. Support: Balboa Wifi Module Troubleshooting, Installation and Resetting Instructions

109. Support: SpaGuts Inline Bath Heater Installation

110. What is the minimum water level requirement inside the jetted bathtub prior to activating the bath pump and bath heater?

111. What is the purpose of the bathtub heater, and what is the minimum water temperature requirement prior to activating the bath heater?

112. Support: What is the maximum water temperature the bathtub heater will heat up to?

113. Can the inline bathtub heater be installed upside down, or inside out? Installation of Pressure and Vacuum Switch version.

114. What is the maximum water volume a SpaGuts bathtub heater can handle?

115. Will your bathtub heaters work on soaking tubs that do not have jets?

116. Support: Spa Blower is too strong for my spa or hot tub.

117. Do I need compression nuts for air tubings to connect onto air switches?

118. What is the minimum and maximum temperature setting for the VS-Series Spa Controllers?

119. Life expectancy of a heater element.

120. Support: New Air Switch is not activating a component.

121. SUPPORT: GFCI breaker still tripping again after the system have been repaired

122. Support: Heatmax is tripping the GFCI breaker.

123. Support: Ozone circuit operation on the SpaGuts VS300FC5 Controller

124. Support: Freeze Protection on Balboa M7 Systems

125. Support: The VS Series Control System is coming on too much, and may not be normal.

126. SUPPORT: Balboa heater stopped working

127. Support: Hi-Limit Sensor Installation on a SpaGuts CS-Series Electronic Controller.

128. Support: Small white wire in a plastic sleeve on the back of the VS Series Controller Box

129. Support: SpaGuts VS Series Topside Panels are not responding.

130. Support: SpaGuts Pneumatic Spa Controller is overheating the spa water.

131. SUPPORT: No heat on Gecko Ye-5 System with K450 Topside Panel

132. Support: Air Bleeding Guide for Bath Pumps

133. Support: New heater assembly installed on old Controller, but spa still does not heat.

134. Support: Nothing works on New Install of Balboa VS100 Controller Kit

135. SUPPORT: Instructions to Change Program Selection for Gecko IN.YE-5-H4.0 Controller, IN.K200

136. Support: Balboa TP800 and TP900 Topside Panel Software Setup (BP2000G1 System)

137. Support: New Connections or Plug-in for the 33-0025-R8 and 33-0025A-R8 Circuit Boards

138. Support: What may cause the Topside Panel on a VS Series Controller to not work properly?

139. Support: Transferring a cord from an old motor to a new motor.

140. Support: Instructions for SpaGuts CY6230 and CY6237 CY Series Controllers

141. SUPPORT: BP Controller display NO Comm on Topside Panel.

Before Purchase Questions

142. Sales: What are the measurements on your Spa Pack so I can align it to my plumbing?

143. Sales: Do you sell only the topside panel?

144. Sales: How to determine the correct replacement Inline Bath Heater?

145. Sales: Information needed to locate a replacement spa heater (Generic)

146. Sales: Spa Pack for a Cedar or Wooden Hot Tub

147. Information to identify if the Balboa 50350-06 Wifi Module is compatible

148. Custom and International Notice

149. Sales: Can I buy just the logic chip for a circuit board?

150. Old Pump is now only humming and will not run (Non-SpaGuts Parts)

151. Old Spa Topside Panel is now displaying the FLO error message (Non-SpaGuts Parts)

152. Customer Service: Can I request a no signature requirement BEFORE the order is shipped?

153. Are your spa ozone units rated for koi ponds and aquariums?

154. Are S-Class or SSPA circuit boards by Gecko available for sale?

155. Payment Information via cashier's check or money order

156. Ozonator with built-in air pump

157. Support: Functions of an air venturi valve or a water diverter valve.

158. Will a heater that is rated for 110V (120V) work on 220V (240V)?

159. Is Ozone safe for soft tubs?

160. Can Anti-Freeze be used with spa and pool pumps?

161. Will your blower work on 50Hz?

162. What is the minimum and maximum temperature setting for the SpaGuts CS and M Series Spa Controllers?

163. PayPal Payment Information

164. Salt Water Application

165. Gas Heater to work with non-gas spa controllers with electric heaters from SpaGuts.

166. Can I use Salt with a SpaGuts or Balboa brand Spa Controllers?

167. Will 208V supply be OK for a Spa Pack rated at 240V?

168. Spa temperature limitation.

169. Sales: Do you sell only the circuit board?

170. Inconsistent heat on old spa.

171. Can blower be plumbed on air venturi line?

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