Balboa OEM VS M7 Heater ASSY W/ Sensors, (NO Tailpieces/Gaskets), 5.5KW, G7510

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In stock

Balboa brand OEM VS M7 Heater Assembly with Dual Sensors. This is the "Original" heater by Balboa. OEM part number G7510.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-175-1010

Heater Dimensions are approximately 15 inches L x 2 inches Diameter (Actual hole diameter is 2.25 inches).


  • Stainless Steel Heater Housing
  • 5.5KW 220V 800 Incoloy Flo-Thru Heater Element
  • Balboa OEM M7 Dual Sensors, 12.0 inches
  • Pair of 2.0 inch Heater Split Nuts

Note 1: The Heater Split Nuts have an inside nut diameter of approximately 3.1 inches.

NOTE 2: If your existing Balboa Control System uses the BP Style Plug N Click Heater Cable, see link to purchase the 25-175-8306 Balboa OEM VS M7 Heater ASSY w/ Sensors, BP Style Heater Cable, 5.5KW, G7512.

This heater is also a replacement option for the following heater part numbers: 58083, 26-58083-7S-KS, 26-0807-7S-KS, 2-00-0036C, C2550-0807-TPS, 58121 (1.5 inch Tailpiece), 58209, 58000, 58010 (825 Incoloy), 58123, 58089 (825 Incoloy), 58086, 58105 or X300930 (825 Incolocy Element), 46-138-1020, 58016, 55473, 58140 (825 Incoloy Element), 740-0617, 740-0655, 2-00-0049, 58306 (has BP Heater Cable), 55624 (Has Titanium Element), Master Spas X300713, 58016 (Marquis Spas), 25-250-0807, 25-200-8083, 26-58083-K, Artesia OP24-0216-08

This item carries a 1-year limited warranty.

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