Gate Valves, 2.0 in. S x 2.0 in. S (Pair)

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Pair of Gate Valves: 2.0" Slip x 2.0" Slip.

SpaGuts P/N: 50-200-2020

Fits on 2.0" PVC Pipe. The hole diameter on this gate valve is approximately 2.38".

It shocks us that some spas are built without gate valves, also known as slice valves, but some manufacturers skimp on this inexpensive, but helpful item. Gate valves allow you to easily remove or replace your spa equipment without the time and cost of draining, refilling and re-heating your spa water. And in some spas you need gate valves just to change the spa filter.

On older spas gate valves tend to wear out. If your gate valves are getting hard to use, and if you are doing any repairs on your spa that require draining the spa, such as replacing the spa pack, pump, or controller, now is the easiest time to replace them.

Gate valves should be mounted on each side of the spa pack. They remain in the open position during normal use. They are closed only when you need to service your equipment or, for some systems, change the spa filter.

Also a replacement option for the following Slice Valve (Slide Valve) Part Numbers: 880-2020, 0401-20, 21-1200, PT2201X, 26-395-1002, 26-400-3900, 2201X, MGP040120, 6654K, 4-25-0062

This item comes with a 90 day limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.


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