Heater Uni-Nut Kit, 3.0 inch (Pair)

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In stock

Replacement Heater Uni-Nut Kit. Typically used for 3" Flo-Thru Heaters for Hi-Flo or Low-Flo applications. Uni-Nut Kit includes two 3.0" Uni-Nuts, two 3.0" Retainers, and two 3.0" O-Ring Gaskets.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-200-0004

NOTE: The 3.0 inch Uni-Nut has an approximate 3.75 inch inside nut diameter.

Also a replacement option for the following part numbers: 25-250-2370 (Uni-nut, 3.0"), 86-02370 (Uni-nut, 3.0"), 42-2333B-K (Uni-nut, 3.0"), 25-250-2360 (Retainer, 3.0"), 86-02360B (Retainer, 3.0"), 25-250-2674 (O-Ring Gasket, 3.0"), RMG-02-674 (O-Ring Gasket, 3.0"), 60-0020-K (O-Ring Gasket, 3.0")

This item comes with a 90 Day limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.


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