Hot Tub and Spa Repairs

Hot Tub and Spa Repairs

Your spa is comprised of 4 basic things:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems
    If your spa doesn’t run, pump, or heat, the problem is in the mechanical and electrical systems of the spa. SpaGuts specializes in replacement components for your spa’s mechanical and electrical systems. The major components are the SPA CONTROLLER, SPA BLOWERSPA PUMP, and SPA HEATER. Together these comprise the SPA PACK, The secondary components are the SPA OZONATORSPA FILTER SYSTEM, and the SPA GFCI.
  • Frame and Cabinet
    Spa frames are normally just wood. The cabinets are usually wood or plastic. Frame damage is usually catastrophic to the spa, as a broken frame usually quickly results in a broken shell. If you catch it early enough it may be possible for a carpenter to repair the frame. Cabinet damage is usually cosmetic - we don’t sell material to repair or replace the frame or cabinet. Sometimes replacement parts are available from the spa manufacturer. Sometimes damage can be fixed by a carpenter.

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