SpaGuts Replacement Electronic Temperature Sensor, S-MSPA

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Replacement temperature sensor for SpaGuts brand CS-Series Electronic and M-Series Controller models CS6200, CS6207, CS6230, CS6237, CS9700 and CS9707. Available in 10ft and 25ft (approx.) cable with 4-pin female connector, and 3/8-inch bulb.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-150-2025 (10ft), 25-150-2026 (25ft)

This sensor is compatible with the following Controllers and Circuit Boards: Hydroquip Wiring Diagram 6712

This sensor is also a replacement option for the following Temperature Sensor part numbers: 34-0203D (10ft), 9920-400262 (10ft), 5-60-6019 (10ft), 5-60-6021 (10ft), 9920-400723 (10ft), 5-60-6066 (10ft), 59-337-1215 (10ft), 59-355-1020 (10ft), 9920-400326, 9920-400844, 5-60-7014, 9920-400346, 3-72-7053 (Control System)

This item comes with a 90-Day limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.

NOTE 1: The circuit board may only show 3 pins with a space for the 4th pin. The temperature sensor with 4-pin connector will fit.

NOTE 2: The temperature sensor being supplied may have 2 (black, red) or 3 (black, red, green) wires connected on the 4-pin connector. The green wire may or may not be attached to the 4-pin connector (which is a dummy wire). DO NOT worry if the green wire is present or not on the 4-pin connector. Either configuration will work on the SpaGuts and Hydro Quip brand CS-Series circuit boards, Gecko or Spa Builders SSPA or MSPA-MP circuit boards.

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