869. Sales: What are the measurements on your Spa Pack so I can align it to my plumbing?

ALL Spa Packs that is offered have the same dimensions of 26" L x 13" H x 16" D. And ALL Spa Packs are made for Retrofitting. This means re-plumbing is required to the spa pack, re-fitting is required for the new topside panel, re-routing for the power supply, and possibly component cord change out with the provided new cords. And the reason why we cannot provide measurements of the intake and discharge connections, is because the pump, heater, mounts and plumbing configuration changes all the time. We cannot guarantee the heater height, the pump height or other measurements within the skid base. Once the spa pack arrives, you will have to adjust your plumbing to connect onto the new pump and heater.
Categories: After Purchase Questions
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