467. Support: Balboa topside displays “OH//HH”

Balboa topside displays "OH" or "HH” *One of the Water Temp Sensors has detected 110°F (43.3°C) for the incoming Water Temperature and Spa Functions are Disabled. System will Auto Reset when Water Temp is below 108°F (42.2°C). Check for Extended Pump Operation or High Ambient Temperature. Make sure Both Temperature Sensors are Properly Mounted at the Heater. Check Sensor Wires for Cracks or Damages. Make sure the System Board Sensor Connectors are Clean and Connected Properly. Check to see if either Sensor appears to need to be Replaced, and Replace as Necessary. Check All of the following: 1. Check that the Spa Water Level is correct. 2. Check that all Valves and Jets are Open. 3. Make sure the Flow is Not Restricted at the Suction Fittings and at the Skimmer. 4. If the Filter is not Clean, Remove the Filter. 5. Check for Too Many Jets Closed. 6. Check for Closed Slice Valve or Shut off Valves. 7. Make sure the Heating Related Pump is Running. 8. Make sure the Heating Related Pump is Primed. If everything checks out good, it's possible that the sensors are bad or the circuit board is bad.
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