388. Support: Smart Winter Mode on Gecko Systems and CS Series

The Smart Winter Mode, also known as Freeze Protection, consists of starting all the pumps for one minute (high speed) at various intervals based on the ambient temperature under the spa skirt. Temperature under spa skirt (Tskirt), taken at 6-inches from the spa pack. There is an on-board temperature sensor to measure the temperature underneath the spa skirt, and there is a temperature sensor on the heater tube to measure the water temperature within the pipes. Freeze Risk = None: Temp Onboard Sensor > 62°F, Tskirt > 42°F, No Cycle Freeze Risk = Low: Temp Onboard Sensor 62-53°F, Tskirt 42-33°F, Cycle every 2 hours Freeze Risk = Medium: Temp Onboard Sensor 53-48°F, Tskirt 33-28°F, Cycle every 1 hour Freeze Risk = High: Temp Onboard Sensor 48-44°F, Tskirt 28-24°F, Cycle every 30 minutes Freeze Risk = Severe: Temp Onboard Sensor < 44°F, Tskirt < 24°F, Cycle every 15 minutes This protective mode will be on for a minimum of 24 hours Filter arrow or logo blinks. The minimum set temperature is 59 degrees, therefore the spa water will be kept around 59 degrees. If the set temperature is at 100 degrees, that is the temperature that the spa will maintain. It does not matter if the air temperature is zero degrees. If the spa is located outdoor and not going to be used at all during the freezing temperatures, we highly recommend that the spa is winterized. But if you are using the spa during the cold seasons, we highly recommend to monitor the spa everyday. To reduce the Smart Winter Mode cycles install very heavy foams or insulations on the pipes, thermowell (drywell), spa shell and spa cabinets/frames. This will help from heat lost. Of course ventilations are required to release extra heat (especially for the summer time).
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