GFCI GFCI tripping Heater Element rotate clock pump motor high speed hi speed hi-speed circulation heating no low low speed lo speed no low speed ozone always on ozone light light on ozone ozonator cs series no ozone ozanator not working Heating on high speed reverse csseries cs6200 cs6230 cs6207 cs6237 cs6000-u1 cs6000-u2 cs6000 Command Center topside panel topside control panel control pad error code FLO 3-blinking dots blinking dots heat rise Prr water leak HL Hi-Limit inconsistent inconsistent heat temp sensor temperature sensor ColorGlo LED light colorglo sparkler color wiring configuration sensor installation sensor probe power air button air tubing blower blower burnt blower not working no bubbles bubbles no air pump buit-in air compressor plumbing No Power nothing works no display nothing work cs-series burnt smell Support/Heater amp service amp draw max amp sensor heater heater clicking contactors chattering. chattering clicking op opb OBP pressure switch tripping blower tripping GFCI blower trips GFCI air blower leak heater leak heater leaking heater leaking water smart winter mode smart mode winter mode freezing freezing temperature freeze protection temperature display flashing temp display display flashing keypad installation electronic electronic topside topside keypad Air Bleeding Guide air bleeding guide Support/HQ moisture water RMA approval fuse 750 750mA blowing 0.75A 0.75 thermostat thermostat range temperature range water temperature hfl vs500 vs501 vs510 vs510s Support/Balboa o-ring o-rings oring orings Customer Service SD6600-720 6600-720 6600720 lx-15 lx15 lx 15 sundance vs series vs-series vs500z vs501z vs510sz vs520sz temperature setting minimum temperature maximum temperature lowest setting minimum maximum min max highest setting heat max nonconductive non conductive bathtub heaters bath heater compression nut air switch vs300 vs 300 heater stopped working no heat balboa heater topside cable connection topside control panel motor wiring motor wiring diagram pump wiring pump wiring diagram transferring motor cord transferring pump cord transfering pump motor cord transfer motor cord transfer pump cord transfer pump motor cord vs100 56296 system 54821 controller kit Program Selection Changing Program Selection Aeware Gecko ye5 ye-5 k200. ink200 in.k200 BP2000G1 System TP800 TP900 Software Program Setup 10-150-0025 10-150-0024 m-series m-class m series m class mseries mclass CY6230 CY6237 CY Series controllers bp controller no comm bp control system bb system bp series not heating low heat blower plumbing air line circuit board mother board PCB limitation temperature limitation max temperature max temp 208V 208 Power Supply voltage volts gas heater fireman switch firemans switch payment option payment options Sales Cal Spas controller sale controller option cashiers check cashier check personal check koi pond aquarium sanitizer signature waivier signature spa oem motor humming pump humming motor stopped working pump stopped working motor not running pump not running hums not working not running flow code flow error code flo error code flo code flow error message flow message flo error message flo message topside circuit board spa pack measurements spa pack measurement spa pack dimension spa pack dimensions topside controller circuit panel cedar hot tub wood hot tub wooden hot tub soaking hot tub motor performance flow low flow cord controller control wire discounts discount digital display top side control over heating overheat heat motor install motor installation new motor return return policy manual filter filter system filter cartridge filter element What is difference pneumatic iron might circ pump circulation pump circulation pumps chattering contactors air bleed no flow water flow flapper doors skimmer failed order blower sales tiny might low flow pump pictures dual circuit dual motor circuit status tracking rma tracking rma status rma received receive not received arrival no arrival rma package not arrived inspection report rma inspection no rma received In-Line In-Line Bypass kit ozone injector Inline nuwave support topside erratic display winterize winterizing winter RMA defect warranty Satisfaction Return Support FLC pressure switch stuck maintaining heat temperature readout temperature display pump not working motor not working pipe connection heater plumbing 30 days 30 commercial ground 30 day ground commercial Hi Limit light Red Light on PCB Red Light operation filter cycle programming filtration cycle program ozone wiring conversion cabinet insulation controller sales squeaking grinding pump tripping GFCI. GFCI tripping 888 single speed pump thermowell thermowell installation drywell leaking exchange exchange options exchange option exchange policy nipple fitting small hose connection shipping shipping charge charge custom custom fee crediting credit pump overheat motor overheat poor heat amber heater light amber heater light pumps amperage amps light not working light circuit sparkler no record no order record approval no approval no rma approval time clock timer cuts off pump cuts off cut off replacement part ozone conversion reset button reset plumb plumbing to controller correct plumbing pump fitting pump plumbing plumbing a pump retrofitting pump retrofitting double charged cracks shell repair crack leaks Shell Repair Kit spa controller controller configuration controller config controller information transformer Single speed economy timed heat GFCI trips pump trips GFCI pump stop working motor stop working 3-blinking red dots 3 blinking dots flow close old pump low water flow new pump over heat burnt out heater element burnt out hum humming motor hums old spa old hot tub old spas old hot tubs non-spaguts electricity bill electricity electric bill electric topside malfunction vibrating vibration gfci breaker tripping gfci breaker old part old parts complaint wrong company saddle clamp ozone installation ozone tube connection ozone tube Topside Command Center burnt component burnt wire burnt part burnt parts burnt components burnt wires power lost default setting blower install blower installation check valve check valve install check valve installation second circuit secondary pump pump 2 blower circuit heater on ozone circuit filtering only motor circuit MM1 two dashes light harness overheating electronic controller 20 minutes 20 minute 20 contactor pump sale motor sale pump and motor sale no high speed primary pump pump circuit replacement thermostat pump pot bad pump continuos continuosly running loud noise very hot hot motor water leaking pressure switch leaking film termperature display sending pictures picture email picture photo air buttons pump running continuosly transformer fuse 30A upgrade Controller upgrade no response sparks pump leaking water topside cable connector topside connector connector topside cable CSA CUL electrical standard electrical approval pump on pack one speed only one speed pump motor wiring voltage conversion ozone check valve start capacitor capacitor blown old blower 5.5KW heater rating secondary pump circuit special features features squealing filtration circuit o-ring seal flat o-ring gasket gasket seal Hi-Limit Switch Hi Limit old controller new heater new heater element element top loaded filter 220V burnt burnt heater element burnt heater temperature key temperature adjustment temp adjustment temp setting return for credit expired expiration no heat on low speed only heat on high speed converting unapproved orders not approved not approve Expedited Express expedited shipping express shipping XP2 flo-master aqua-flo special order special part jumper settings NSF filters plumbing parts PO BOX bad comments bad reviews negative comments negative reviews poor comments poor reviews bad reputation good reputation Fed-Ex Fedex temperature sensor wires temperature sensor wire 32 OH shipping fee split payment spa builders information serial number balboa part information balboa circuit board information balboa control system information balboa sensor information balboa extension cable information balboa heater information balboa topside information balboa wifi information swim spa swim spas incomplete burnt terminal burnt relays burnt relay burnt trace RMA request expire Field Configurable Kit cancellation cancel confirmation canceled confirmation canceled rma report pending rma paypal paypal payment rejected rejection non-deliverable call tag call-tag pick up pick-up no payment rma payment no rma payment special order pricing special pricing special price alternate account secondary shipping account fedex account account number different shipping account ye y-series y series casher check verification differences something different new circuit board old circuit board rma inspection status inspection status repair center 510sz balboa exec-48 executive 48 executive-48 exec-56 executive 56 executive-56 sta rite starite dj pump sig sig1 not available cancel obsolete canceling no longer available out of stock decline return period amazon amazon refund policy amazon returns policy fraudulent field configurable standard express shipping 342062A-0Z spa flow spa flo spaflo spaflow deny denied 153502197 372082A10 approving rma rma options rma option chemical payment method credit term 48 frame 56 frame spa pump motor warranty replacement direct replacement nu1000 nu2000 nu3000 a24 a-24 nu wave new wave return shipping label return label fedex label fedex return shipping label fedex shipping label touch screen spatouch add on custom feature accounting cs-6207 cs-6237 500z yellow sticker warning sticker yellow tag warning label non credit card dispute chargeback us-mail short period life spa late rma arrival rotated rotation position orientation amazon restocking fee amazon cancellation fee spa controller configuration controller replacement questions order record shipping status signature message signature required no signature signature waiver waiving signature rma payment request rma payment requests refund lost claim fedex lost claim fedex refund conversation link wrong part delivery status AFU1 smart post topside information topside panel information topside keypad information board information circuit board information pcb information circ pump circuit circulation pump circuit wiring instruction blue receptacle Aeware Gecko IN.TOUCH 2 RF Interface Module 0608-521020 in.xm2 in.xe in.ye in.ye-5 in.ye-7 inxm2 inxe inye inye-5 inye-7 CY6200 CY6207 wifi module heater information replacement heater information circuit board stopped working transaction no order no order confirmation email approved declined unapproved order follow up call follow up email Installation support Operation support Wiring Support hydroquip hydro quip identify information to identify order code confirmation voice mail voicemail voice message voice messages inquiry inquiries response Delays delay Covid-19 covid 19 covid19 Corona Virus limits. limited staffing limited supplies Shipment Notification Transferring to Different Supplier covid Pre-Shipping Notice preshipping notice pre shipping notice preparing your order email with tracking pre-ship pre ship three flashing dots spa motor off stop No wing nuts brackets nuts small clicking noise noise sticking stick pneumatic controller purple cord blower cord buss fuse 25A clicking on/off on on/off Balboa topside topside display OH/HH HH running hot hot does not overheat glued plumbing configuration glue not align align install replacement drain plug plug new gasket correct wiring diagram wiring diagram diagram spaguts brand controller waterway executive pump wet end wetend wet end pump wet end pump wetend SnA Sa topside displaying SnA or Sa Snb Sb topside displaying Snb or Sb dry Dr topside display Dry or Dr OHS topside display OH or OHS LF topside displaying LF topside displaying Pr Pr topside displaying Ice Ice Topside displaying ---F topside displaying ---F St Std topside displaying St or Std Ec Ecn SL SLP VS SZ controller filter cycle settings smoke Acrylic plate Rotating pump discharge Vico Pump whirlpool Air switch not activating VS-series wiring information cable flow switch topside overlay falling apart no power Wiring information Wiring information life expectancy heater element GFCI breaker Spa Blower too strong white wire VS series Pneumatic Spa Controller No heat Rust Corrosion bolt front end plate Air Bleeding guide Bath pump Voltage converted convert Salt Salt water CS-Series M-Series indoors 50Hz Ozone soft tub electrical box bath pump box electrical rated 110V anti-freeze freeze anti freeze air venturi valve valve water diverter valve air pump sell sales replacement cable wifi 50350-06 50350 replacement heater brand load center spa side disconnect external GFCI jets support jets Nu-Wave replace jetted bathtubs jet bathtubs parts paneling skirting spa cabinets cabinets digital spa packs sale equipment pool inground remove control box repair pressure switch flow/pressure switch thermometer do it myself spa spa pack can I do it pack options thermester do not want to use one build side discharge center discharge discharge side center size horsepower ship components volt system 4 wires wires price low price prices so low dealer store runnning follow up follow-up 110 220 24 hour cancellation fee fee foreign country buzz bad headrests inspection defect/inspection RMA defect immediate replacement split nuts ozonator plug replacement controller fix shell RMA Issued Issued how long item repair person person spa cover cover dimensions shutdown shut down basket question transfer blank email email rma text text final check check troubleshoot didn't buy buy inline bypass kit installation guide photos undisclosed problem night electronic spa pack don't sell Document Operation manual installation manual no sale low current high current mis-wiring postponed non-warranty support colorglo support rma rma colorglo led Blower Topside sales support flc Inconsistent heat Error code Error Code operation manual operation manual operation manual sales support support support inline no power rma support sales support sales command center Controller sales command center heater element Overheat hl heater element RETURN heater element heater element heater element Link for Wiring Diagram 8204 for the model 6000-U1 Pneumatic Link for Wiring Diagram 8205 for the model 6000-U2 Pneumatic Link to the Wiring Diagram 6815 for the model 6200 Electronic Link for Wiring Diagram 8017 for the model 6230 Electronic salt PO Box po box PO Box po box PO Box po box PO Box po box PO Box po box PO Box po box PO Box po box fedex fedex fedex aeware fedex Air bleeding guide CS Series rma approval rma approval customer service customer service customer service fedex fedex fedex fedex fedex fedex fedex fedex fedex fedex sales No Order Record No Order Record No Order Record covid-19 covid-19 command center A24 command center customer service sales support sales sales support heating and cooling wire transfer instructions WIRING INFORMATION FOR THE (15-720-0201) AQUA-FLO CIRC MASTER CMCP 02593000-2010 Pump impellar loose and not spinning Clocking pump Burnt or melted components Thermostat on Pneumatic Controller is not working. STEREO CIRCUIT on SPA CONTROLLER flo water squirting inline bypass motors we sell leaking water heater element pressure switch operation light broken color glo Electronic controller doesn't heat max amps for pump controller pump amps sparking burtnt melted flo Smart Winter Mode Hayward filter system flo control panel malfunction soft tub pumps amber light indicator light heating slowly volume of water filter cycle duration pump drain plug rust corrode bad water heater element failing heater element not working heater at the top of the controller Electronic controller not fit request for return export configuration guide Air bleeding Air bleeding guide Pump gfci carry face plate seals reverse speed increasing temp temp speed pump motor single speed command center topside command center plugged in does not work initial install European 240V heater element trip heater element leakage Topside keypad Topside display no power command center OP command center Topside display Topside display Topside display hl Topside display Topside display Topside display Installation Air Button rma customer service customer service sales rma credit credit request partial credit credit template refund template credit confirmation email refund confirmation email credit notification email refund notification email SpaGuts Email bottom Insert Contact Information phone number business contact business hours business working hours M-Class Controller holding at fedex stations holding at fedex stores hold at fedex station hold at fedex store holding instructions hold for pickup hold for pick-up sales sales Air bleeding guide hold for pick up single speed
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