Spa Pumps & Blowers

The spa pump is what circulates water through your hot tub. Actually, it is a combination of a pump - a device for moving water - and a motor that powers the pump. The spa pump is the second most expensive component in a spa pack, and it is the one most likely to fail. Spa pumps live in harsh environments. They run frequently, sometimes at high speed, and have to pump hot water containing chemicals and dirt.

Spa pumps usually last 8-10 years. Broken spa pumps can often be fixed, but the labor involved tends to not make this worthwhile. Repaired pumps are more likely to fail than a similar pump that has never been repaired - something caused the pump to fail, and in the process of failing other parts of the pump are stressed. Unless the pump is less than about 3 years old, there's not much point in repairing a broken pump. You should just replace it. And if the pump and the rest of the spa pack are older than 6 years you should consider replacing the entire spa pack - certainly so if the pack is older than 8 years.

If you are replacing an existing spa pump, you can replace it with the same or similar horsepower as your existing pump, if you are happy with the current forcefullness of the water coming out of your jets. In general, spa motors should have 1 HP for every 4 to 6 standard size jets (typical rule for 48-frame pumps, and for jets with 5/16 inch orifices - 10 GPM per jet at 15 PSI). More horsepower is not better. Overpowering your jets with too much horsepower could damage your plumbing, your equipment, or even you! So, it is important to get the right sized motor for your spa.

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