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Spa Guts Pneumatic (Air) Spa PackSPAGUTS PNEUMATIC (AIR) SPA PACK

Electronic (Digital) Spa PacksELECTRONIC (DIGITAL) SPA PACKS

Spa packs are the guts of a spa, and comprise the spa’s complete mechanical and electrical working systems. The normal life expectancy of a spa pack is 8-10 years. Since the typical spa shell lasts for 30-40+ years, every spa owner can anticipate replacing their spa packs a few times over the life of the spa.

You do not need to buy the exact same spa pack that is now in your spa. Most spa manufacturers don’t even make their own spa packs. They buy them from a manufacturer that specializes in spa packs. Sometimes spa manufacturers even use spa packs from two different manufacturers in the same spa model.

Use the latest technology. Spa pack manufacturers are constantly incorporating improvements to their designs. If your pack has failed it is probably impossible to find the same model that you currently have. By the time a typical spa pack fails, that model is no longer being manufactured and has been replaced by a newer design.

Included in each spa pack are the following major components:

  • SPA CONTROLLER, which includes the main brains of the spa, the water flow sensor, high limit sensor, temperature sensor, filteration cycle, jet and temperature control, and spa light. (On some older spas some of these items may be separate from the Controller.)
  • SPA HEATER - either attached to the controller or remotely mounted
  • SPA PUMP AND MOTOR  (some spas require 2 or more jet pumps)
  • SPA BLOWER (optional)

In replacing a spa pack, there's only one important decision: Do you want an electronic or a pneumatic controller? Although there are several things you need to specify to have us build a spa pack for you, almost every specification has to do with configuring your spa pack to match your spa shell.


Electronic or Pneumatic (Air) Spa Controller?

Electronic spa controllers let you control everything from a topside control panel that provides you with a digital water temperature reading. Electronic packs are therefore the most convenient, and they cost only a little bit more than our pneumatic spa packs.

Pneumatic spa controllers use push buttons for controlling your spa. An air hose runs between the button and the spa controller. Pushing the button cause the air pressure to increase, which activates a mechanical switch on the controller. However, you cannot adjust the water temperature from the topside of the spa. Instead you have to get out of the spa, open the panel access door and adjust the temperature dial directly on the spa controller. (We do sell a TOPSIDE CONTROL PANEL FOR PNEUMATIC SPAS that allows you to adjust the water temperature directly from the topside control panel, but if that's what you want it's cheaper to buy the electronic spa controller instead.)

Most older and budget spas came originally equipped with pneumatic controllers. If you're replacing the controller and having to get out of the tub and open up the equipment access panel to adjust the spa's temperature really bothers you, now is the time to switch to a more convenient electronic spa controller.

Although electronic packs are more convenient, and they cost only slightly more than our pneumatic spa packs, for most people the pneumatic spa pack is the better choice. Pneumatic spa packs are simpler and less prone to problems. Electronic spa packs are run by electronics. Moisture and temperature extremes are bad for electronics. And moisture and temperature extremes are what spas are all about. So, if you do choose the convenience of an electronic spa pack, avoid extreme weather exposure.


Select Pneumatic or Electronic:

Spa Guts Pneumatic (Air) Spa PackSPAGUTS PNEUMATIC (AIR) SPA PACK

Electronic (Digital) Spa PacksELECTRONIC (DIGITAL) SPA PACKS

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