Aeware, Gecko IN.XE Controller Kit w/Topside K200, Cords, BDLXEK200 (OBSOLETE)

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Advanced electronics! Water Resistance! WIFI control from your iPhone! Aeware by Gecko IN.XE, aka XE-Series, Controller Kit with Topside Panel IN.K200-2OP and Cords. Application is setup for 110/220V 60Hz Power Supply (4-wire required for 220V). This controller Kit is able to operate Pump1, Pump2, Blower, Ozone and Circ Pump (Field Programming Required). Heater is rated 1.0KW on 110V application, or 4.0KW on 220V application. OEM Part Number BDLXEK200.


SpaGuts P/N: 10-720-0200

Kit includes:

  • IN.XE Control System w/ 4.0KW Flo-thru Heater, IN.XE-5-11-H4.0-1-2-B-O-D-32K-GD1 (0602-221022)
  • IN.K200-2OP Topside Panel with Overlay, 10ft Cable (BDLK2002OP)
  • IN.LINK Pump 1, 2-speed, 220V, 4ft High Current Cord (600DB0692)
  • IN.LINK Pump 2, 1-speed, 220V, 8ft High Current Cord (600DB0833)
  • IN.LINK ACC, 3-Wire, 220V, 8ft Low Current Cord (600DB1192)
  • IN.LINK ACC, 3-Wire, 110V, 8ft Low Current Cord (600DB1226)
  • IN.LINK Light Cable, 12V, 12ft, No Light Bulb (9920-401022)
  • Pair of 2-inch Heater Split Nuts, Heater Tailpieces and O-ring Gaskets
  • Floor Mount Guide Plate
  • Topside Cover (Adapter) Plate, 8.5" x 3.5" (9917-102053)
  • Colored Keyings for Pump 1, Pump 2, Blower, Ozonator
  • Quick Start Up Guide (also available online via Tabs above)
  • Installation Instructions (Only available online via Tabs above)

Input Connections Ready (Field Programming Required):

  • Pump 1, 1 or 2-Speed, 110V/220V, 15A Max
  • Pump 2, 1 or 2-Speed, 110V/220V, 15A Max
  • Accessories, 1-Speed, 110V/220V, 5A Max
  • Accessories, 1-Speed, 110V/220V, 5A Max
  • Direct (Audio/Video), Constant 110V/220V, 5A Max
  • Keypad
  • Communication
  • Light, 12V, 12W (1 Intensity)

NOTE: If Pump 2 circuit is used for a blower, it must be programmed for single speed. Accessory circuits can be used for blower, ozone or a small circ pump.

PLUMBING: No pressure switch installed. Therefore the heater can be installed on the suction or pressure side of the pump. Heater MUST be leveled horizontally for proper option. If using a small circ pump to flow water through the heater, the small circ pump MUST output at least 20 GPM on 1.5-inch plumbing.


  • Advanced electronics! Water Resistance!
  • In.put - New Input Terminal Bloc - In.put was designed to ease wire insertion (up to # 4 AWG) and connections. Tighter input connection reduces heat generated for increased component lifetime.
  • In.seal - Watertight Protection - In.seal provides extra level of protection against water infiltration. Connectors and power box are designed to be watertight and no water can be in direct contact with electrical components.
  • In.axess - Board Access Prevention - Electronic components are placed into separate and inaccessible compartments. Only serviceable parts are made accessible to service technicians.
  • In.kin - Kinetic Heat Monitoring - First ever UL approved kinetic heating protection manages water temp. increase generated by pump heat dissipation. Hardware protection shuts all accessories off if it senses water overheat.
  • In.flo - Dry-Fire Protection - A new heater safety system located in the in.therm power box - an all-electronic dry-fire protection.
  • In.t.cip - Water Temperature Algorithm - In.t.cip is an intelligent water temp. refresh algorithm that calculates optimal time to start pumps and get water temp. readings. In.t.cip continuously readjusts heater start time.
  • In.stik - Automated Software Upload - In.stik a pen drive with an connector very similar to a USB memory stick. It connects to in.xe and contains data to program or configure its system. In.xe executes the data upload automatically.
  • UL <> and ETL <> listed for your safety
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

WIFI Optional (Sold Separately):

  • iPhone App! Control your spa from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod!

Add the optional IN.TOUCH WIFI INTERFACE MODULE, P/N 0608-521012, download one of the iPhone Apps, and use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer to control your Gecko IN.YE Controller remotely! Also works with Android! The Gecko IN.YE Controller we have in stock are pre-program with the software capable of WIFI control. Imagine the possibility of being able to monitor your spa andcontrol it remotely within in your wifi network with the Home App, or do it all remotely from across country with the World App using the internet. The wifi App also allows you to set all your Economy and Filtration Cycles through your phone (iPod, iPad or computer), with precision that goes to the minutes! Basically Amazing!!!


  • (*iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer are not included)

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Controller: 17.38" L x 11.2" H x 5.37" W
  • Heater: 15" L x 2" Diameter
  • Topside Panel: 4.75" L x 1.7" W
  • Topside Cover Plate: 8.5" L x 3.5" W

This controller kit is the replacement option for the following Gecko IN.XE units: 0602-221022, 0602-221046


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