Executive-48 1.5HP 220V 2SPD SD Waterway Spa Pump, 2.0-inch Intake, 3420620-1A

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Waterway Spa Pump, Executive 48 model, 1.5HP 220V 2-Speed Side Discharge with 2.0" Intake. OEM part number 3420620-1A. 


NOTE: The pump photo shown to the right does not show a capacitor mounted on top of the motor. We cannot guarantee if the motor that is shipped will or will not have the capacitor attached on top of the motor. Make sure there is plenty of room under the spa for a motor with 6 inches long x 2.5 inches tall x 2.25 inches wide capacitor on top of the motor.

SpaGuts P/N: 15-350-4020


  • Rated 1.5HP, 230V, 8.0/2.6A (Amp Rating Varies*)
  • Dual Speed Pump (Low/High. Can also be wired for single speed)
  • 2.0" center suction, and 2.0" side discharge (Outside thread measures approximately 3.1 inch)
  • UL and CUL certifications
  • Equipped with the highest quality Viton Pump Seal
  • Equipped with the high efficiency electrical motor and high performance pump wet end
  • Includes a 1-Year limited warranty

*NOTE: Amp rating and dimensions may vary depending on the motor brand and model that is used with this pump. Motor brand can be US Motors, AO Smith Century Laser, GE, Etc... Please contact us to verify dimensions if space is very limited for the new pump.

The pump image shows the pump discharge on top pointing to the 12 o'clock position. The pump discharge can also be rotated every 90-degrees (3, 6 or 9 o'clock positions) by loosing the four long bolts at the back of the motor. The pump intake (suction) is located in the front center face of the pump.

The pump normally ships from the factory with the discharge pointing "UP" which is the standard position for shipping, but they can be turned or what is called "clocked" into any position (12, 3, 9 or 6 o'clock position). Rotation of the pump discharge can be done in the field, but we recommend having it performed by a professional spa technician who is experienced. Or choose the option to have the pump professionally rotated at the factory before it ships. This is to avoid water leaks and operational problems due to improper removal and installation in the field that will affect the warranty. As you face the front end of the pump wet end, available positions are 12 o'clock (Up), 3 o'clock (Right), 9 o'clock (Left), and 6 o'clock (Down, which is very rare).

You may add a cord to be attached to the motor at a discounted price. See cord options below.

If buying this pump for retrofitting, add a pair of pump unions that connects to your pipes which then screws directly onto the pump threaded fittings. O-rings are included with the pump unions. Regular price is $17.90.

If buying this pump as an exact replacement that does not require retrofitting, it is highly recommended to replace the pump union o-rings at the same time. Old pump union o-rings may cause leaks that can damage the new pump and affect the warranty. O-rings for pump unions are only available with a pump union purchase.

This pump is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: 342062A-1A, 3420620-1A, 1-00-0186, 1-05-0344 (Wet End Only), 310-1880 (Wet End Only), 1-05-0306 (Impellar Only), 310-4220B (Impellar Only), 311-1210B (2.5" Wet End Faceplate), 311-1220B (2.0" Wet End Faceplate), 315-1240B (Wet End Volute), 313-1400B Slinger, 319-3100B (Pump Seal Set), 319-1380B (Wear Ring), 805-0261 (O-Ring 261 for Faceplate), 34-270-3554, WW34206201A, WWP-10-1002, 34-270-3204W, 3420620-1AHZW, 806105072740, 34-270-3204, Model PF-15-2N22C4, 3410630-0A07S (230/115V Need to confirm for 230V)

Motor models that may be used with this type of pump: AO Smith BN34, 1-20-0010, Emerson AGH15FL2CS, 1-20-0004, 93525143, T55CXBLH-961, F48AD44A79


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