Balboa OEM VS M7 Heater ASSY w/ Sensors, BP Style Heater Plug N Click Cable Kit, 5.5KW, G7512KIT

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Balboa brand OEM VS M7 Heater Assembly with Dual Sensors, Incoloy Element and attached BP Style Heater Plug N Click Cable Kit. Balboa's latest plug-and-click spa heater. OEM part number G7512KIT.

This heater is normally found on the Balboa BP Series Control Systems such as BP501G1, BP501G3, BP2000G1, BP7.  And now also found on the Balboa VS Series and EL2001 Series Control Systems such as the VS501Z, VS510SZ, VS520SZ and EL2001M3.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-200-7512

Heater Dimensions are approximately 15 inch L x 2.0 inch Diameter (Actual hole diameter is 2.25 inch).


  • Stainless Steel Heater Housing
  • 5KW Incoloy Flo-Thru Heater Element
  • Balboa OEM M7 Dual Sensors
  • BP Style Heater Cable Plug 25263, Plug N' Click, 16-inch Long (Approx.)
  • BP Style Heater Cable Receptacle 25696, Plug N’ Click, 4-inch (Approx.)
  • Pair of 2.0 inch Heater Split Nuts
  • Pair of 2.0 inch O-Ring Gaskets
  • Electrical Grease (Small Package)

NOTE 1:  This heater assembly consist of the G7512 Balboa Heater Assembly, the factory installed 25263 Balboa Plug-N-Click Cable Plug, and the 25696 Balboa Plug-N-Click Receptacle that requires field installation. This heater avoids having to deal with heater copper straps, screws, wrenches, or broken heater terminals. All you need to do is plug-and-click and you're done!

NOTE 2:  Removal and/or Alterations of the Heater Element and Heater Cables voids the heater warranty.

This heater is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: 2-00-7028, 58306, G7510 (No Plug N' Click Cable), 58306KIT, 58083, 58083K, 26-58083-7S-KS, 26-0807-7S-KS, 2-00-0036C, C2550-0807-TPS, 58121 (1.5 inch Tailpiece), 58209, 58000, 58010 (825 Incoloy), 58123, 58089 (825 Incoloy), 58086, 58105 or X300930 (825 Incolocy Element), 46-138-1020, 58016, 55473, 58140 (825 Incoloy Element), 740-0617, 740-0655, 2-00-0049, 55624 (Has Titanium Element), Master Spas X300713, 58016 (Marquis Spas), 25-250-0807, 25-200-8083, 26-58083-K, Artesia OP24-0216-08, 25-200-0001, 58237(5.5KW 825 15IN 1.5 inch), 25-175-1010, 58303, 25-175-7412, G7412, 55464 (5.5KW 800 Incoloy)

This item carries a 1-year limited warranty.

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