Balboa Topside Extension Cord, BP Series, 4 Cond., 25ft, 25662-1

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In stock

Balboa Topside Extension Cord for the BP Series that uses the TP Model topside panels. The extension cord has 4 conductors (4 wires), and is 25 feet long (approx). OEM part number 25662-1.

SpaGuts P/N: 23-175-6621

This extension cord is compatible with the following Balboa Topside Panels: 55994 or 50262 (TP900), 30-175-0261 or 50204 or 50261-06 (TP800), 30-175-5673 or 55676 or 50015 or 50056 or 50335 or 50336 or 55673-09 (TP600), 30-175-0260 or 55702 or 55701 or 50259 or 50260-04 (TP400), WiFi Module 50350-03, 30-175-0556 (TP600), 50556 (TP600), 30-25662-25

NOTE: Balboa brand topside extension cables are custom made with High Quality parts and went through extensive cross-wire testings. DO NOT use internet extension cables (or data cables) as a replacement. They are NOT approved cables, are mainly made with Cheap parts, AND will cause damages to the topside panel and circuit board, and WILL void the warranty. ONLY use APPROVED Balboa brand topside extension cables for proper operations.

This item comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty, and is NON-Returnable.

If a longer cord is needed, Click here to see available extension cords.

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