Balboa Topside Kit, E5 Sup Duplex, VL402, 54107

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In stock

Replacement Balboa Topside Kit, Duplex Digital, with LCD display, 4-button, model VL402 SUP DUP E5. OEM part number 54107.

SpaGuts P/N: 30-200-4107

Button Configuration: 4-button (Jet2-Light-Jet1-Set)

This topside panel uses an 8-pin phone-type connector with 7ft cord.

Topside dimension (approx): 7.31 inch x 3.25 inch

This topside panel also replaces the following topside part numbers: 51876 (7ft Cable, No Overlay), 53689 (Sunval), 11623 (Overlay ONLY), MAS225 or X310850 or 51787 (No Overlay), X506000 (Overlay Only), 54093 (Jet2 button replaces Blower button), 53604 (Rocky Spa), 53604 (Sunval, verify button layout), 52492 (HP2000, verify button layout)

NOTE: A standard 51876 Topside (Panel Balboa VL402 SUPDUP E5 No O/L) with a 10764 overlay will be provided in a clear sealed bag.

This item comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

If a longer cord is needed, Click here to see availableextension cords.


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