Balboa Topside Kit, ML900, E12, 55580

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In stock

Replacement Balboa Topside Kit, 12-button, Model ML900 E12. OEM part number 55580.

SpaGuts P/N: 30-200-5580

This topside panel comes with a 7ft cable that has an 8-pin molex plug.


  • (Top Row) Left-To-Right: Time, Warm, Jet1, Jet2, Jet3, Jet4
  • (Bottom Row) Left-To-Right: Mode, Cool, Invert, Light, Blower, Option

Topside Dimensions (Approx): 11.625" x 3.125"

This topside is also a replacement option for the following topside part numbers: 52797-04 (w/o overlay, button configuration needs to be verified)

NOTE: A standard 52797 Topside (Panel Balboa ML900 NO O/L E12) with a 12132 overlay will be provided in a clear sealed bag.

This item comes with a one year limited warranty.


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