Cable Harness, PSI, CS/M-Series, 3-Pin to Female Terminals, F, 14-inch

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In stock

SpaGuts replacement cable harness, version F, for the pressure switch to circuit board connection. Cable harness has 22 AWG wires, is approximately 14 inches long, with a 3-Pin female connector to two female terminal connectors.

SpaGuts P/N: 23-150-0199

Compatible with the SpaGuts CS Series and M Series Controllers with attached Flo-thru Heater. UL and CSA listed.

Also known as a pressure switch cable, flow switch cable, psi cable.

Replacement option for the following cable harness part numbers: 34-0199F, 5-50-6012, 59-355-1027, 9920-400997 (6-inch)

NOTE1: The circuit board will only show 2 pins with a space for the 3rd pin. The cable harness with 3-pin connector will fit.

NOTE2: The cable harness being supplied may have 2 (black, red) or 3 (black, red, green) wires connected on the 3-pin connector. The green wire may or may not be attached to the 3-pin connector (which is a dummy wire). DO NOT worry if the green wire is present or not on the 3-pin connector. Either configuration will work on the SpaGuts brand CS Series and M Series electronic circuit board.

This item comes with a 90-day limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.


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