Cal Spas® OEM Dually Pump, 1.5HP, 115V, 56-Frame, PUM22000980 (OBSOLETE)

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Cal Spas® OEM Dually Pump, 1.5HP, 115V, dual speed, 56-Frame. OEM Part Numbers Cal Spa PUM22000980 or Power Right PRC9122AX. Note that this dually pump consist of one motor and two pump wet ends (one on each end of the motor).


REPLACEMENT OPTIONS TO RETROFIT: This requires a new pump that has only one wet end, a dually plumbing kit, and re-plumbing to join the TWO return pipes together, and join the TWO suction pipes together. The new pump will draw water from both suction lines, discharge water through the heater, and then output the hot water back through both return lines. Cutting the original plumbing is required, and using PVC Glue (sold separately) to join the original plumbing to the new Plumbing Kit (Customer to verify if there are plenty of space to re-plumb).

REPLACEMENT PUMP OPTIONS: Note that each pump option will provide equivalent performance as the original Dually Pump (eventhough there is only 1 pump wet end).

PLUMBING KIT: See link to the 50-312-0400 Plumbing Kit for the Dually Pump Replacement.

The pump image shows the pump discharge on top pointing to the 12 o'clock position. The pump discharge can also be rotated every 90-degrees (3, 6 or 9 o'clock positions) by loosing the four bolts from the front of the pump wet end. The pump intake (suction) is located in the front center face of the pump.

Dimensions are approximately 22" L x 9" H x 6.5" W.

This item carries a 6-Month limited warranty.


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