Double-Barrel Lo-Flo Heater Assy, 6.0KW, 220V, Auto HL Reset, Sensors, PDR, 26-C3160-1S

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In stock

Replacement 6.0KW Double-Barrel Low-Flo Heater Assembly, rated 220V, with Auto Hi-Limit Reset, and Sensors. OEM part number 26-C3160-1S.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-150-1606


  • 6.0KW on 220V, 1.5KW on 110V
  • In/Out 3/4 inch Barbed Hose Connections
  • 1/4 inch tubing connection
  • 1/4 inch tubing extension kit
  • Two Sensors, 25-200-3952
  • Hi-Limit Protection (Auto Reset)
  • 46-inch Heavy Duty 10AWG 3-wire cord with 1/4 inch female terminals
  • Ground Lug
  • UL and CUL certifications
  • Dimensions (Approx.): 19.8 inches long x 3.0 inches width x 4.72 inches height

NOTE1: If the New Sensor plugs do not fit, here are the options: (1) Use the original sensors with correct plugs; (2) Purchase the 23-150-1395 Adapter Cables with Correct Plugs for $29.95; (3) Or purchase the New 25-200-3841 Sensors with the correct plugs.

NOTE2: This heater DOES NOT have a Built-in Pressure Switch OR the extra set of Small Cable for the pressure switch connection on the circuit board. If using as a replacement for the original heater that does have the pressure switch cable, here are the options: (1) Purchase a New 45-150-0221 Flow Switch to install on the heater output hose, and hard wire the cable to the original cable; (2) Bypass or Jump the pressure switch circuit using the original pressure switch cable (NOTE that a water flow sensor is bypassed for this option).

This heater is also a replacement option for the following heaters: Watkins 6.0KW No-Fault® low flow dual metal tube heater assembly 73790, C3160-1, 72795 (Many 1995 to current Hot Spring® and Tiger River® spas made by Watkins); Old Trumpet-Style Laing Infinity 7211, 6759, IHH-6000-NHCW, IHH-6000-NHCW-7211, SSE-000-0H-0F and 0927501 (Triple Bend heaters that is obsolete); Therm Products C3564-1 Heater, 25-250-1020

This item comes with a 1-Year limited warranty.


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