Flo-Thru Heater Element, Triple Bend Centered Bulkhead, Incoloy, 4.0KW 220V

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In stock

Replacement Flo-Thru Heater Element, Triple Bend, with Centered Bulkhead, Incoloy Metal.  Rated 4.0KW 220V.  OEM part numbers 25-41411L and 12-0502-K.

SpaGuts P/N:  25-250-1411

This heater outputs 1.0KW on 110V.

Dimensions (Approx):  9.0 inches L x 1.5 inches W x 2.0 inches H.  Fits in a 15 inch long Flo-Thru heater tube that is at least 2.25 inches in diameter (known as 2 inch heaters).  The distance between the heater terminals from center point is 1.25 inches.  Verify to make sure the old heater element have Centered Bulkheads (centered terminals).

4.0 kw = 13648 BTU

This heater element is also a replacement option for the following heaters:  C2400-2300, C2400-2300ET, 20-00359 (4.5KW), 26-H3037-5S-K

Heater Elements that we provide are OEM Factory Replacement Parts and made in the U.S.A.  These heater elements are USA and Canada Underwriters Laboratories listed for your safety.

This item comes with a one year limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.

To determine whether a this element will work in your controller, remove your existing element from the heater metal tube.  If the element has two centered probes on it that drop into the control box and has the same shape as the one above, then it will work in your controller.  If it does not look the same, check out our other heaters.

Looking to replace the entire heater metal housing? Check out our complete Heater Assembly.


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