Gecko Ye-5 Series Electronic Spa Pack

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Thank you for choosing to order your new, custom-built Gecko Ye-5 Series Electronic Spa Pack with WIFI Capability! A replacement for Gecko and other brand Spa Packs

On the Gecko Ye-5 Series Electronic Spa Pack information page we discuss all the items you need to specify to have us build a spa pack for you. Now select those specifications below and add the pack to your cart.

If you have not read it we suggest that you do: Gecko Ye-5 Series Electronic Spa Pack

FIELD ASSEMBLY KIT: All components will be shipped unassembled, including the plumbing configuration. Installer to set-up, mount and wire all components, and gluing up the plumbing at the time of Field Installation. Installer to also set-up Internal component circuits inside the controller box for the pump(s) voltage, ozone voltage (if applicable), blower voltage (if applicable), and all circuit configurations at the time of Field Installation. Installation and configuration instructions, and wiring diagram are included. Component circuits will be preset at the default settings (which varies all the time).

FACTORY ASSEMBLY: Factory performs set-up, mounting, wiring, circuit configurations and bench testing of all pump(s) and blower (if applicable) according to the configuration specifications you select during check-out. When you receive the spa pack, it will look just like the photo shown on our website (based on configuration); pre-plumbed, pre-assembled on a skid base, pre-wired, pre-configured, pre-tested and ready to go. Best value for most installers; saves time and prevents costly installation errors.

You did double check everything, right? Remember: We are custom building this spa pack for you to your specifications. If you make a mistake you will need to reconfigure your spa pack so that it will fit your spa, which will require buying plumbing adapters and maybe even another pump.

The images above pictures Left-to-Right configuration and Right-to-Left configuration.

This Gecko Ye-5 Series Electronic Spa Pack carries a 2 year limited warranty.

*Call SpaGuts for special configurations.

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