Hydro Quip CS6334Y-U-LF Electronic Spa Controller Kit w/Topside, 4.0KW Tubular Heater (DISCONTINUED)

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Hydro Quip CS6334Y-U-LF Electronic Spa Controller Kit with IN.K35 Topside Panel and an attached 4.0KW Lo-Flo Tubular Heater.

WI-FI Enabled Control System!  WI-FI control from your iPhone! Application is 220V 60Hz Power Supply (4-Wire required for 220V).  Setup to operate Pump1, Pump 2, Blower/Pump 3, Ozone and Circ Pump.  Heater is 4.0KW on 220V application. Field Configuration and Setup is required.

SpaGuts P/N:  10-150-6334


  • Hydro Quip CS6334Y-U-LF Electronic Spa Controller
  • Water Resistance IN.K35 Topside Panel with 10ft Cable
  • Topside Overlay:  JET1-JET2-AUX-LIGHT-UP-DOWN
  • Topside Cover Plate and Sticky Gasket, 8.5 inch x 3.5 inch
  • Attached 4.0KW 220V Lo-Flo Tubular Heater, 26-0091B-F1 (Rated 1.0KW on 110V)
  • Foot mount brackets for simplified installation
  • 110 or 220 volts Component Circuits
  • Pump 1 circuit, 2-Speed, 120/240V, 13A Max
  • Pump 2 circuit, 2-Speed, 120/240V, 13A Max
  • Blower circuit, 1-Speed, 120/240V, 8A Max
  • Ozone circuit, 120/240V, 2A Max*
  • Circ. Pump circuit, 120/240V, 5A Max*
  • Light Harness with 12V 12W Clear Light Bulb, 8ft Cable
  • Color-coded 48-inch Red Pump 1, Brown Pump 2, Blue Circ Pump, Violet Blower and Yellow Ozone cords with matching color-coded interlocking receptacles
  • Canadian and United States UL Recognition (cURus) and Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) listed for your safety
  • Freeze protection
  • High-limit protection
  • Flow Switch for water flow detection (Heater Input Must be installed on Discharge side of Pump)
  • Filtration mode
  • Pre-Installed Temperature Sensors
  • Hose Barb Adapter
  • Hose Clamps
  • Short 3/4 inch Clear Tubing
  • Installation and Operation Instructions
  • 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Topside Panel and Accessories

Topside Panel will have 6 buttons (jet1, jet2, blower, light, temp up, temp down), approximate dimensions of 7 inches x 3.25 inches, and comes with an approximate 10ft cord. The topside display have a red LED temperature readout so you can easily read the temperature from either inside or outside the spa. If your new topside controller is smaller than your existing hole cut-out, you can install an Acrylic Placard to cover up the larger hole.

Accessorry Bag Contents:


  • Controller with Heater (Approx):  22.5 inches W x 14.75 inches H x 7.0 inches D
  • Topside Panel (Approx):  7.0 inches long x 3.25 inches wide
  • Heater Dimensions (Approx):  22.5 inches L x 12.5 inches W x 2.5 inches H
  • Control Box Dimensions (Approx):  14.0 inches L x 4.25 inches W x 13.75 inches H

WI-FI Optional (Sold Separately):

  • iPhone App! Control your spa from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod!

Add the optional IN.TOUCH 2 RF Interface Module, P/N 0608-521020, download one of the iPhone Apps, and use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer to control your Gecko IN.YE Controller remotely!  Also works with Android!  The Gecko IN.YE Controller we have in stock are pre-program with the software capable of WI-FI control.  Imagine the possibility of being able to monitor your spa and control it remotely within in your WI-FI network with the Home App, or do it all remotely from across country with the World App using the internet.  The WI-FI App also allows you to set all your Economy and Filtration Cycles through your phone (iPod, iPad or computer), with precision that goes to the minutes!  Basically Amazing!!!


  • (*iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer are not included)

This controller kit is also a replacement option for the following part numbers:  10-150-9334, CS9334-U-LF, CS6334-U-LF, model 12ESR0L-95W64P0

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