Internal Spa Controller Buss Fuse

In stock
In stock

Pair of internal buss fuses for your SpaGuts brand Controllers.  Can be used on other systems that require a time delaying 25 or 30 amp current limiting 480VAC 300VDC Class G Buss Fuse.

SpaGuts P/N:

  • 40-200-2025, 40-199-2025, 25A
  • 40-200-2030, 40-199-2030, 30A

Use the 25A SC-25 Buss Fuse for SpaGuts Electronic Controllers.

Use the 30A SC-30 Buss Fuse for SpaGuts Pneumatic Controllers.

Dimensions (Approx):  1.625 inches long x 0.375 round.

This item is sold as a pair, carries NO warranty, and is Non-Returnable.


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