Low-Flow Tubular Heater Assembly, Trombone Style, D1, 5.5KW 220V, C3548-1 (SP)

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In stock

Replacement Low-Flow Tubular Style Heater Assembly with 3/4 inch barb fittings, and built-in TCO (thermal cutoff). OEM part number C3548-1.

This is a trombone style heater that replaces similar style Laing Low-Flow Tubular heaters. The heater is rated 5.5kw on 220V, and 1.5kw on 110V application. The internal low density heater element is made of Titanium metal. It provides the best heat to water transfer.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-250-3548

This type of heater is typically found in many Dimension One Spas (D1), Reflections Spa Model. Replacement heater for the following heater part numbers: 26-C3548-1-7T-K, SEH550-NHC-7300, SEH-5200-NH-6757, SEH-5500-NH-6144, SEH-5500-NH-61443, Laing 6144, Laing 61443, SSE-00-0H-0F, 01563-32

This heater comes with 4 electrical wires with terminal ends. A flow switch (sold separately) is normally installed with this heater. Please consult with a licensed electrician for proper electrical wiring.

This item comes with a 1 year limited warranty.


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