Outdoor Air Blower with Check Valve, 1.5HP, 2.0BHP, 110V

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In stock

Outdoor rated Air Blower with a 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and FREE SHIPPING. Comparing to others only offering a one year warranty and charging a handling fee.New design, premium quality, super quiet than the most leading spa blowers in the market, and with a high performance motor. Includes a Check Valve. Designed for use on a Pool or Spa.

SpaGuts P/N: 15-415-6120


  • 1.5HP, 2.0BHP, 110V, 8.0A, 60Hz
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Durable, rust-free plastic housing
  • Life expectancy of 1200hrs
  • Decibels 65-67 at 1 meter
  • Class A insulation with thermal overload protection
  • 5.0 amp fuse for over current protection
  • Ambient temp of 60 degrees Celsius or less
  • Pig-Tail wires for hard wiring (No cord)
  • Acoustical anti-vibration motor mount ensures quiet operation
  • Air intake at bottom of blower creates a tortuous path, trapping noise inside the blower
  • Includes a durable spring check valve to help protect against water back flow
  • UL recognized
  • CSA approved
  • SpaGuts Exclusive 2-Year Limited Warranty

Dimensions (Approx): 11" H X 10" W x 10" Diameter

This Outdoor rated Air Blower have an open flow of 105 CFM (blower not connected to anything). The 1.5 HP Blower has a sealed pressure of 95 Inches H20.

This blower mounts directly on top of a PVC pipe for outdoor application. Replacement option for the following Silencer, Galaxy Supreme and Astro Air Blowers by Air Supply: 6315131, 6316120, 6316120F, 1-6316120, 1-6316120F, 34-123-1510, 6313121, 6315120F, 6715101, 6315141, Waterway Santanna Air Blower

The blower has 2.0 inch fitting that easily connects to a <ahref="../Product.aspx?ID=1">blower check valve or 2 inch pipe.

*If a different Horsepower and Voltage rating is needed, contact SpaGuts.com for pricing and availability.


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