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Pump pots, also known as Leaf Traps, are needed when an extra prime is required from the spa pump, and/or to help trap extra debris and leaves that enters the plumbing.

SpaGuts P/N:

  • 15-350-1105, 310-5400, 1.5 inch
  • 15-350-1110, 310-6600, 2.0 inch

Even if spa pumps are installed below the water level, installing a pump pot helps in many ways. Pump pots also help remove air from the water lines, and helps the pump provide consistent water flow when mounted further away from the spa. Most spas don't have all the water flowing through the filter. There is a strainer inside the pump pot to help prevent leaves, rocks, or large debris from entering into the pump housing that can damage internal parts.

Dimensions (Approx.): 10.5 inches H x 8 inches diameter

There are 2 sizes. Select the size that will screw onto your pump intake.

If your spa has 2 pumps, you may need a pump pot for each pump.

This pump pot is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: 1-00-8000 (1.5 inch), 4-15-0082A (2.0 inch), 4-15-0082 or 310-6700 (2.0 inch), 1-05-0271 or 319-4100 (Lid, 1.5 inch), 1-05-0272 or 805-0436 (O-ring for Lid, 1.5 inch), 1-05-0273 or 319-3230 (Basket, 1.5 inch), 1-05-0274 or 715-1201 (Trap Body Plug), 1-05-0275 or 805-0112 (O-ring for Trap Body Plug), 1-05-0276 or 319-2160 (Trap Body, 1.5 inch)

NOTE: If the pump will be mounted at or above the top of the water level, an in-ground pool pump is highly recommended for self priming. Check out our in-ground pool pumps under "Pool Products".


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