Saddle Clamp for Ozone Injection

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The easiest ozone injector installation is to attach the ozone saddle clamp to the vertical venturi tube in your spa just below the water line. Works with spas that have air venturi injectors.

SpaGuts P/N: 35-700-1005

If the spa has an air venturi line (PVC pipe line), a saddle clamp can be installed. If not, the Ozone In-Line Bypass kit is recommended. The ozone saddle clamp is to be installed on the air venturi line that is about 1.5" to 3/4" line. This air venturi line is in conjunction with the air pressure turn knob (or valve) on the topside of the spa that controls the pressure of the jets or controls the amount of air coming through the jets.

INSTALLATION: Locate the venturi injector pipe line and drill a hole on that pipe line, and install the saddle clamp. Make sure to remove the cap off the injection nipple fitting for ozone tube connection. With the pump running in low speed, adjust the air pressure valve and check to see if the injection nipple fitting on the saddle clamp is creating a suction (or venturi effect).

This item comes with a 90 day limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable. 

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