Shaft Seal Kit for Waterway Brand Pumps, 319-3100B

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In stock

Replacement Shaft Seal Kit for Waterway Brand Pumps, type PS1000. Seals are carbon ceramic with Viton® elastomers for long-lasting performance, easily enduring prolonged heat and chemical exposure. OEM part number 319-3100B

SpaGuts P/N: 15-350-3005


  • ONLY Spa Flo Pumps (Old Style) with Wetend 310-0700, 310-0800, 310-0810 and Impellar 310-4060B, 310-4070B, 310-4090B
  • ONLY Iron Might Circ Pumps (Old Style) with Wetend 310-1000 and Impellar 310-0900
  • ONLY Hi-Flo Side Discharge Pumps (Old Style) with Wetend 310-1130SD, 310-1140SD, 310-1141SD, 310-1150SD, 310-1160SD and Impellar 310-4000B, 310-4010B, 310-4030B, 310-4020B, 310-4050B
  • All Executive-48 Pumps
  • All Executive-56 Pumps
  • All Executive Euro-50Hz Pumps

NOTE: Not for use with any other brand pumps or Waterway pump modelsthat are not listed above.

This shaft seal kit also replaces the OEM shaft seal kit part number 319-3100.

This item has no warranty, and is NON-Returnable.


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