Spa Frog® Floating System

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Put the AAAHH in Your Spa! Let the Spa Frog® Floater do the Job For You!

SpaGuts P/N: 20-260-1015

Transform Your Spa
Tired of adding spa chemicals to your spa water? Try the the Spa Frog® Floater. The SPA FROG® Floater transforms your spa into the perfect environment for soothing relaxation. Feel the aches and pains melt away. Relax! FROG's on the job! Either allow the Spa Frog® Floater to float around while you bathe, or temporarily remove and set aside upside down.

The Mineral Advantage
With minerals helping to destroy bacteria, you can reduce bromine use by up to 50%*, which results in softer water withan added shine. Set the SPA FROG® Mineral Cartridge to #6 and snap it into one of the openings in the holder. Simplyreplace every 4 months or when you drain and refill your spa.

Less Bromine
Snap the SPA FROG® Bromine Cartridge into the floater's other opening. This cartridge setting will vary and is easily adjustable to accommodate the spa size, circulation time and number of people relaxing each day. All you need is at least 1.0 ppm of bromine. Simply replace when empty (approximately every 2-4 weeks).


  • Reduce bromine use up to 50%* which helps prevent skin and eye irritations.
  • Reduce work time for a more enjoyable spa experience.
  • Reduce excess chemical levels for a responsible solution to water care.
  • Reduce irritations like dry skin or faded swimsuits.

Note: For cleaner and clearer spa water with up to 90%* less chemical usage, check out our ozonators

This item is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: KTC-45-3894, 28-1288, 01-14-3862, 01-14-3883, 8-05-0100, 42-379-1004, 15362, 01-14-3824 (Bromine Cartridge), 8-05-0103 (Bromine Cartridge), 01-14-3812 (Mineral Cartridge), 8-05-0102 (Mineral Cartridge), 84-379-1002 (Bromine Cartridge), 84-379-1004 (Bromine Cartridge)

This item carries 4 months limited warranty for the Mineral Cartridge, and 30 days limited warranty for the Bromine Cartridge. This item is NON-Returnable.


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