Spa GFCI Load Center, Culter-Hammer® Series, Eaton Model, Type BR, 50A

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Spa rated GFCI Load Center, 50A, Culter-Hammer® Series, Eaton Model, Type BR, 50A, with Self Test. This kit comes complete with a powder coated steel box (outdoor rated), 50 Amp GFCI breaker, and instructions.


SpaGuts P/N: 80-485-0050


  • Compact and ready to install Spa GFCI Load Center
  • Rated 50A 110/220V 60Hz Single-Phase
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Pre-installed 50 Amp double-pole GFCI breaker
  • Pre-installed Neutral Buss Bar
  • Pre-installed Ground Bar
  • Pre-installed White Neutral "Pigtail"
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Powder coated steel box
  • Multiple Knockouts for incoming and outgoing electrical wiring
  • No bolted connections which help reduce the chance of hot spots and faults for a longer product life
  • ANSI certified, UL/NEC/CSA listed
  • Includes Installation Instructions
  • Compatible with Cutler-Hammer 1 in. type BR circuit breakers

For 220 volt above-ground spas the National Electric Code now calls for a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) load center to be installed between the main circuit panel and several feet away from your spa.

GFCI Metal Housing Dimensions: 9.98" H x 4.90" L x 3.98" W (approx.)

This GFCI is also a replacement option for the following GFCI Load Center models: BR50SPA, 100206043, BR50SPAST, 0000-614-123

If you are upgrading from a 110 to a 220 volt spa pack, you will need this Spa GFCI Load Center to complete the rewiring of your spa.

If you don't have a GFCI Load Center for your spa, now is the time to get one. Please consult with your local code and a licensed electrician for the proper use and installation of this product.

This item comes with a 10 year manufacturer's limited warranty.


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