SpaGuts CS-Series Electronic Topside Extension Cord

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In stock

This Electronic Topside Extension Cord is ONLY for Spaguts CS Series brand Electronic Topsides.  Available in 9ft or 25ft (Approximate).  Keep in mind that the topside cable can only be at a maximum length of 45ft.  Exceeding the maximum cable length will cause the topside to not work properly.

SpaGuts P/N:

  • 40-150-1500 Approximately 9 ft.
  • 40-150-1501 Approximately 25 ft.

This topside extension cord is also compatible with the following Gecko, Spa Builders and Hydro Quip brand topside panels:  K-3, TSC-3, K-4, TSC-4, K-5, TSC-5, K-8, TSC-8, K-9, TSC-9, K-16, TSC-16, K-18, TSC-18, K-19, TSC-19, K-20, TSC-20, K-24, TSC-24, K-35, TSC-35, TSC-44, K-44, K-51, TSC-51, K-52, TSC-52, TSC-72, K-72, 34-0207 (ECO-5), 34-0208 (ECO-6), 34-0197 (ECO-3), 34-0198 (ECO-7), 34-0190 (HT-II), 34-0120-2, 34-0189 (HT-II 25ft), 34-0190A (HT-II 10-Key), 48-0191-100 (HT-II 100ft), 30-1011-9 (9ft), 30-1011-25 (25ft)

Note: This item comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.


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