SpaGuts Replacement Electronic Temperature Sensor, S-MSPA (SPECIAL ORDER)

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In stock

Replacement temperature sensor for SpaGuts brand CS-Series Electronic and M-Series Controller models CS6200, CS6207, CS6230, CS6237, CS9700 and CS9707. Available in 10ft and 25ft (approx.) cable with 4-pin female connector, and 3/8-inch bulb.

SpaGuts P/N: 25-150-2025 (10ft), 25-150-2026 (25ft)

This sensor is compatible with the following Controllers and Circuit Boards: Hydroquip Wiring Diagram 6712

This sensor is also a replacement option for the following Temperature Sensor part numbers: 34-0203D (10ft), 9920-400262 (10ft), 5-60-6019 (10ft), 5-60-6021 (10ft), 9920-400723 (10ft), 5-60-6066 (10ft), 59-337-1215 (10ft), 59-355-1020 (10ft), 9920-400326, 9920-400844, 5-60-7014, 9920-400346, 3-72-7053 (Control System)

This item comes with a 90-Day limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.

NOTE 1: The circuit board may only show 3 pins with a space for the 4th pin. The temperature sensor with 4-pin connector will fit.

NOTE 2: The temperature sensor being supplied may have 2 (black, red) or 3 (black, red, green) wires connected on the 4-pin connector. The green wire may or may not be attached to the 4-pin connector (which is a dummy wire). DO NOT worry if the green wire is present or not on the 4-pin connector. Either configuration will work on the SpaGuts and Hydro Quip brand CS-Series circuit boards, Gecko or Spa Builders SSPA or MSPA-MP circuit boards.

When selecting your spa or hot tub sensor, it’s critical that you go by part numbers and not just by appearances. The part number on a sensor can be found on a white or silver label located directly on the senor cable (The ID label may also be located on the casing of the sensor). Buy based on this part number. Do NOT purchase a hot tub sensor just because it looks the same as the one you’re replacing. Spa and hot tub sensors can look identical, but have different resistant and material to work with different spa and hot tub controllers or circuit boards. ALSO pay attention to the type of cable plug that is on the end of the sensor cable. Different spa and hot tub sensors use a certain type of cable plug that plugs into compatible spa and hot tub controllers or circuit boards.


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