SpaGuts Replacement Fuse Set, CS-Series

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In stock

SpaGuts Replacement Fuse Set for the CS-Series Electronic Controllers.

SpaGuts P/N: 40-150-2023

Fuse Set Includes:

  • TWO 25A Buss Fuse, 1.5in x 3/8in (Approx), 40-199-2025
  • TWO 20A Buss Fuse, 1.25in x 3/8in (Approx), 40-150-2020
  • TWO 0.75A GMA Small Glass Fuse, 20mm x 5m (Approx), 40-150-2022
  • TWO 2A GMA Small Glass Fuse, 20mm x 5m (Approx), 40-150-2024.

This fuse set is also compatible with Gecko and Spa Builders S-Class Systems.

This fuse set is also a replacement option for the following fuse part numbers: 35-0063 (25A), SC-25, 35-0058 (20A), SC-20, 35-0074 (0.75A), 35-0079 (2A), 5-60-0238 (20A), 30142 (20A), 37-1030 (20A), 60-555-1155 (20A), 27F2426 (20A), 610028 (20A), ELESC20 (20A), SC-20-2 (20A), SEC-20 (20A), 9160-04A (20A), 60-555-1157 (25A), 35-0063 (25A), 27F2427 (25A), ELESC25 (25A), SC-25-2 (25A), SEC-25 (25A), 9711-108 (25A), 30137 (25A), 5-60-0108PK (25A), 5-60-0108 (25A), 430AE0033 (25A), 60-555-1187 (0.75A), 35-0074A (0.75A), 9212-33 (0.75A), 60-555-1185 (2A), 35-0060-K (2A), 9212-21 (2A), 75-150-0060 (2A)

This item is NON-Returnable, and has NO Warranty.


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